• Capitalize words identified as "cap" or "usually cap" in Oxford English Dictionary. Do not capitalize words identified as "often cap" or "sometimes cap." Do capitalize all proper names-people, places, complete names of organizations and major historical events.

  • Occupational titles: Do not capitalize except before a name: President Wilson G. Bradshaw; but Wilson G. Bradshaw, president. Do not capitalize titles when used alone: The president spoke to the faculty.

  • Lowercase fields of study (unless proper nouns such as English or Spanish), titles of academic degrees when spelled out, ranks or titles when standing alone or following a name and semesters of the academic year: human services concentration, graduate program in business, bachelor's degree, master of arts, the doctorate, dean, community faculty, resident faculty, assistant professor, director, fall semester. Also lowercase programs such as women's studies and social work.

  • Capitalize complete office names, departments, centers and divisions within Metropolitan State:
    Admissions Office
    Alumni Relations Office
    Center for Community-Based Learning 
    College of Arts and Sciences
    College of Management 
    College of Professional Studies
    Communication, Writing and the Arts Department
    Financial Aid Office
    First College
    Grants and Development Office 
    Information Technology 
    Library and Learning Center 
    Midway Center
    Publications/News Services Office 
    Registrar's Office
    Safety and Security Office
    School of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice 
    School of Nursing
    Student Affairs
    Student Life and Leadership Development 
    University Advancement
    Urban Teacher Program 
    Women's Services Writing Center

  • Lowercase words representing a shortened version of a proper name or office:  the college, university, computer lab, library, committee, task force, advising staff. But, always use the complete name, capitalized, on first reference.

  • When a generic term is used in the plural form following more than one proper name, it is lowercased: Saint Paul and Minneapolis campuses, but Saint Paul Campus.

  • Racial references: Capitalize names of groups based on racial, national or religious distinctions:  American Indian, African American, Hispanic, Protestant.

  • Geography: Capitalize adjectives identifying direction when they form part of the name of a specific  geographic region (Western Europe, Midwest, Northeast Minneapolis, Twin Cities, West Coast) but not when used descriptively to merely identify direction (southern Minnesota,  northward).

  • Write city of Minneapolis, city of Saint Paul, state of Minnesota (not City of or State of).

  • Lowercase the seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter and derivatives such as springtime, unless part of a formal name: Fall 2004 Class Schedule; Saint Paul Winter Carnival, but spring semester.

  • Capitalize room and floor in Class Schedule data, unless they are abbreviated. Do not capitalize chapter, section or page numbers, unless in formal documents.

  • In headings and subheadings in books, brochures, learning-opportunity titles, reports and so on, capitalize the first and last words and all nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and subordinating conjunctions (if, as, because, so, unless, that, although and when). Lowercase all articles (a, an, the), coordinating conjunctions (and, but, or, for, nor) and prepositions, regardless of length, unless they are the first or last words of the title or heading. The to in infinitives is also lowercased: How to Promote Your Small Business in Five Easy Steps.

  • Avoid the use of all caps in headlines, subheads or listings. Readability studies show that type in all caps is difficult to read. Use bold face for added emphasis.

  • Quotes: Capitalize the first word in a quotation when the quotation is a complete sentence: The nursing program dean said, "Accreditation certifies that a nursing program has met the high educational standards established by the profession." For partial sentence quotes, do not capitalize the first word. She said faculty and staff "are pleased that Metropolitan State has achieved this status."