Online Course Development

Metropolitan State University is an institution which serves many adult learners and others who need scheduling flexibility, and thus online and hybrid courses are an important part of the University's academic strategy.

Appreciative Inquiry

Approximately 200 faculty and staff from across the university attended and participated in the Appreciative Inquiry sessions. During the full day meeting attendees worked in groups to complete four activities and answer the following questions:

  1. What do you hope to get out of this session? What are your heartfelt hopes for the day? Why are you here?

  2. What keeps you coming to work at Metropolitan State? Pair with someone and interview each other about your best experiences at work.

  3. Assume it is five years in the future and everything that you had hoped for in terms of the university has occurred. What do you see, hear, think, fell? Provide a concrete description of life at the university.

  4. Working with your table group develop two to three "possibility statements." These statements capture the possible actions which could be taken to achieve the envisioned future from activity in step 3.

View the compiled responses for all four questions from the three sessions. In addition, the responses from the "possibility statement" have been analyzed for common themes.

Faculty and staff were next tasked with brainstorming ideas on how to Create a Culture of Trust and how to Prioritize our Ambitions. Notes from these sessions can be found below.

Create a Culture of Trust

Prioritize our Ambitions