The Academic Quality and University Improvement Steering Committee - AQUISC

Committee Charge:

  • coordinate efforts to demonstrate Metropolitan State's continuing compliance with Higher Learning Commission criteria to maintain our regional accreditation status.
  • utilize the AQIP framework to document and refine improvement efforts; and
  • guide the continuing integration of improvement principles in the University's daily work;

Members of the AQUISC:

  • Pat Borchert, Faculty, Helping Students Learn (Category One)
  • Jodi Bantley, Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship, Helping Students Learn (Category One)
  • Ruth Zietlow, Faculty, Helping Students Learn (Category One)
  • Susan Rydell, Faculty, Helping Students Learn (Category One)
  • Doug Knowlton, Vice President for Student Academic Success, Graduate Studies Office, Co-chair, Helping Students Learn (Category One)
  • Michael Eisenbeisz, Project Manager, Understanding Students and Other Stakeholders' Needs (Category Two)
  • Sue Raddatz, Interim CHRO, Human Resources, Valuing Employees (Category Three)
  • Ginny Arthur, Provost and VP of Academic Affairs, Co-chair, Planning and Leading (Category Four)
  • Ron Beckstrom, Associate Vice President, Knowledge Mgmt & Resource Stewardship (Category Five)
  • Racquel Pickett, Research Analyst, Institutional Research, Knowledge Mgmt & Resource Stewardship (Category Five)
  • Bruce Lindberg, Executive Director, Advance IT Minnesota, Center of Excellence, Advance IT MN, Quality Overview (Category Six)
  • TBD, Student Senate Representative
  • Joyce Paxton, AQIP Coordinator, Vice chair
  • Cynthia DeVore, Institutional Research Director