An AQIP institution completes an ongoing cycle of Action Projects that over time constitute its record for quality improvement activities. To demonstrate the institution's progress of its quality endeavors, the Commission requires institutions to always have in-progress at least three Action Projects.

Current/Pending Projects

  • Budget Redesign Process

  • Creating and testing a new Program review process Part 1. Creating the program review policy

  • Data pathway and alignment for the Five Year Survey Plan

  • Mapping the community faculty hiring process

Retired Projects

  • Portal Project Annual Update

  • Proficiency Placement

  • Student Orientation

  • Classified Employee Searches

  • Data Warehouse

Study Abroad

  • Unclassified Employee Searches

  • DARS/CAS Implementation

  • Unified Student Complaint Process

  • Student Complaint Policy and Procedure

Collegiate Learning Assessment

  • Student Assessment of Community-Based Learning

  • Metropedia Glossary

  • UQIP Rollout

  • MetroAnnounce

  • Data Counts (Phase 1)

  • Metropedia 2

  • Enhancing CI capability and culture at Metropolitan State University

Reports of these Action Projects are published in the AQIP Project Directory