Students of Metropolitan State consistently rate the care and support they received from faculty and staff as a critical component of their success. Your work makes a difference.

During the Annual Fund Drive for Faculty and Staff, we ask you to make a difference for students in another way; by making a gift.

How to Give

  1. Online Donation

    For your convenience, you're able to make credit card donations through our secure online donation form.

  2. Payroll Deduction

    An easy way for University employees to make gifts directly and automatically from a paycheck. Your payroll deduction gift of $5, $10 or $20 has a significant impact for a student.

    For Example: $5 x 26 = $130.00

    Bumping up your payroll deduction by just $2.50 per pay period increases your gift by $65.00 per year! Small change, big impact.

Your gift to the Annual Fund Drive, whether you choose scholarships, the general fund or specific programs, makes it possible to help more students.

Our goal is 162 donors from the faculty and staff this year.

Why Should I Give?

  • Private giving creates a bridge for students. Private scholarships can reduce debt, increase the number of credits a student can afford, and fill in the gaps where federal and state aid may fall short. 
  • Students who receive scholarships have also told us that beyond the financial benefit, they feel a sense of support and confidence in their ability to succeed. In a nutshell, your gift can make a difference in both tangible and intangible ways.

  • Donations to the General Fund are used to supplement student experiences, alumni programming and help the Metropolitan State Foundation cultivate new resources and sources of funding to support student success. 
  • Giving feels good.

I Support the Annual Drive Video


Can I choose where my money goes?

Yes, with more than 100 options to choose from there is a fund to fit every passion at Metropolitan State. 

Is there any area of particular need?

Yes. Right now, we are raising money for the Tuition Match Minnesota program, a federal and private matching grant program that promotes financial literacy. By encouraging students to save small amounts of money on a regular basis to pay for tuition working students, get the benefit of financial literacy training as well as learning about the benefits of saving for the short and long-term future. The combination of the federal grant and private contributions match the student's investment at a rate of 3:1 (See the Tuition Match-MN page for more details on this program) 

Is there a minimum amount I can give?

Yes. We accept one-time gifts of $10.00 or more, or ongoing payroll deduction donations of $5.00 per period or more.

Can I increase my payroll deduction gift?

Yes. Please print, complete the payroll deduction form, and forward it with the new amount to the Foundation offices. We do need your signature again for payroll purposes.

I gave on Give to the Max Day. Does that count?

Yes. Thank you. Any gift you made during this fiscal year counts toward our total. Additional contributions are welcome.

Contact Us

For more specific questions about faculty and staff giving, email Alumni Relations or call Kristine Hansen (651) 793-1810.