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AQIP Action Projects

AQIP Action Projects

An institution on the AQIP Pathway completes an ongoing cycle of Action Projects that over time constitute its record for quality improvement activities. In order to remain aware of the institution's progress on its quality endeavors and also to serve as a resource to each institution, HLC requires institutions to always have one Action Project in progress. The Action Project requirement is central to an institution's success in the program because it compels the institution to develop the structure(s) necessary to organize and oversee a quality initiative. This process requires broad engagement of faculty and staff in the selection of projects and also through participation on project teams.

Current Action Project

  • Program Review Pilot

Past Action Projects

  • 2016 Program review policy and procedure
  • 2016 Budget process redesign
  • 2016 Mapping the community faculty hiring process
  • 2015 Enhancing CI capability and culture at Metropolitan State University
  • 2015 Metropedia 2 2015 Scholarship cycle review
  • 2014 MetroAnnounce (student communication plan)
  • 2013 Metropedia (a glossary of CI terms)
  • 2013 UQIP Rollout 2012 Data Counts!
  • 2010 Student assessment of community-based learning
  • 2009 Academic scheduling redesign
  • 2009 Student complaint policy and procedure 2009 Unified student complaint process
  • 2007 Collegiate learning assessment pilot
  • 2007 DARS and CAS compliance project
  • 2007 Unclassified employee search and selection
  • 2006 Classified employee Search and selection
  • 2006 Data warehouse enrollment/academic reporting
  • 2006 Institutionalizing Study Abroad