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Recent and Upcoming Courses Taught

Fall 2020

CHEM 425: Polymer Chemistry and Dynamics

CYBR 362: Networking Protocols and Analysis

CYBR 332: Computer Security

HRM 520: Staffing Organizations

WRIT 355: Writing Children's Literature

PSYC 107: Career Planning and Development: Learning Community: Human Behavior at Work

ETHS 370: Black Thought

PADM 600: Public Administration Foundations

ICS 499: Software Engineering and Capstone Project

LAWE 280: Juvenile Justice

DSCI 434: Introduction to Operations Management

ACCT 210: Financial Accounting

COMM 372: Health Communication

NURS 760: DNP Scholarship II

MPNA 620: Leading Public Service Organizations

COMM 351: Communication in Work Groups

COMM 333: Intermediate Intercultural Communication

HSCI 301: Understanding the U.S. Health System

MKTG 300: Marketing Principles

SPED 609: Interventions: Mild Disabilities

SPED 650: Advanced Urban Special Education Teaching Practicum

POL 305: Elections and Political Parties

SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology

WRIT 574: Usability and User Experience

WRIT 574G: Usability and User Experience

WRIT 676: Advanced Writing and Designing for the Web

ANTH 302: Gender and Culture

ANTH 304: Anthropology of Religion

MATH 115: College Algebra

ICS 140: Computational Thinking with Programming

ARTS 307: Intermediate Painting

ETHS 305: Major Issues in U.S. Race Relations

ETHS 304: Environmental Justice and Public Policy

GNDR 201: Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies

SOC 301: Contemporary Sociology

SOC 329: Race and Ethnicity: Sociological and Anthropological Perspectives

WRIT 131: Writing I

HUM 101: The World of Ideas: Ancient and Medieval

PHIL 320: Business Ethics

LIT 100: Introduction to Literature: Learning Community TRIO

ANTH 329: Race and Ethnicity: Sociological and Anthropological Perspectives

POL 101: Introduction to American Government and Politics

POL 301: Citizenship in a Global Context

DENH 330: Dental Hygiene Care for Culturally Diverse and Special Needs Populations

DENH 410: Evidence-Based Dental Hygiene Practice

DENH 620: Pharmacological Principles in Practice

GNDR 270: Gender, Race and Popular Culture

GNDR 365: The Cultural Politics of LGBT Sexuality

ANTH 101: Human Origins

NURS 325: Health Assessment

NURS 601: Nursing Science

NURS 406: Nursing Care of the Family

PHIL 306: Philosophy and Sexuality

ARTS 106: Introduction to Drawing

MUSC 133: Class Guitar I

MKTG 490: Issues in Marketing

MKTG 6652: MEM: Supply Chain Management

DENH 640: Restorative Dentistry I

DENH 630: Management of Medical Emergencies

DENH 685: Oral Health Literacy and Communication

MIS 310: Principles of Management Information Systems

MIS 653: Supply Chain Information Systems

MIS 671: Problem Formulation and Data Presentation

NURS 446: Nursing Informatics

NURS 301: Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Practice

NURS 302: Introduction to Baccalaureate Nursing

ICS 440: Parallel and Distributed Algorithms

ICS 462: Operating Systems

MGMT 360: Managing a Diverse Workforce

METR 101: Your Academic Journey

NURS 666: Advanced Pharmacology for Nurse Anesthesia I

ICS 311: Database Management Systems

ICS 365: Organization of Programming Languages

MIS 663: Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation

MIS 683: Process Analysis and Design

ICS 141: Programming with Objects

MGMT 499: Case Studies in Strategic Management

MGMT 699: Management: Strategy and Policy

STAT 201: Statistics I

ICS 382: Computer Security

ICS 383: Networking Protocols and Analysis

ICS 425: Client/Server Architectures

ICS 232: Computer Organization and Architecture

ICS 251: IT Work Skills

MATH 120: Precalculus

MATH 215: Discrete Mathematics

CFS 280: Introduction to Computer Forensics

MATH 110: Math for Liberal Arts

MATH 098: Introduction to Mathematical Thinking

ENTR 495: Developing New Products and Services

HRM 310: Human Resource Management: A Strategic Framework

PHYS 110: Introduction to Physics

CHEM 111: General Chemistry I

CHEM 112: General Chemistry II

MAED 450: Teaching Mathematics to Urban Learners in Grades 5-12

BIOL 302: Cell Biology and Histology

BIOL 324: Invertebrate Biology

DBA 795: Directed Doctoral Research on Applied Projects

BIOL 111: General Biology I

BIOL 222: Human Anatomy and Physiology II

CHEM 479: Special Topics: Polymer Chemistry and Dynamics

GEOL 314: Earth Surface Environments

NSCI 201: Minnesota Ecology and Conservation Biology

PSYC 312: Research Methods

PSYC 327: Psychological Testing

PSYC 336: Social Psychology

BIOL 415: Pollution Ecology

MAPL 668: Topics: The Legal System and Public Policy

SOWK 391: Community Learning Center Practicum

PSYC 100: General Psychology: Learning Community: Human Behavior at Work

BIOL 222L: Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab

EDU 487: Methods of Teaching Reading in Urban Grades K-6

EDU 602: Assessing Learning in Urban Grades 5-12 - Advanced Theory and Practice

HSG 374: Aging in America: A Personal Challenge

BIOL 105: Human Biology

PSYC 200: Fundamentals of Psychological Science

MAPL 610: Political Process and Public Policy

MAPL 612: Organizing and Communication for Advocacy

MAPL 650I: Masters in Advocacy and Political Leader Internship

EDU 203: Multicultural Education

EDU 300: Assessment of Learning and Teaching in Urban Grades 5-12

EDU 323: Urban Pre-K and Kindergarten Curriculum and Practicum