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Beckie Langenbach beckie.langenbach@metrostate.edu (651)793-1375
Bee Moua Student Success Coordinator for Asian American Pacific Islanders
  • Multicultural, American Indian and Retention Services
bee.moua@metrostate.edu (651)793-1548
Bee Xiong Information Commons Specialist
  • Library and Information Services
bee.xiong@metrostate.edu (651)793-1668
Belo Cipriani Professional Writing Tutor
  • Center for Academic Excellence
belo.cipriani@metrostate.edu (651)793-1485
Ben Deneen Director of Enterprise Information and Application Services
  • Enterprise Information and Application Services
ben.deneen@metrostate.edu (651)793-1253
Ben Hamilton Associate Director, Center for Academic Excellence
  • Center for Academic Excellence
ben.hamilton@metrostate.edu (651)793-1773
BernaDette Suwareh Student Success Coordinator for African and African American Students
  • Multicultural, American Indian and Retention Services
bernadette.suwareh@metrostate.edu (651)793-1541
Bernard Walker Community Faculty
  • Philosophy
bernard.walker@metrostate.edu (651)793-1303
Bernie Mullen Senior Community Faculty
  • Marketing, Supply Chain Operations Management and International Business
bernie.mullen@metrostate.edu (612)659-7250
Beth Clausen Dean, Library and Information Services
  • Library and Information Services
beth.clausen@metrostate.edu (651)793-1618
Beth Dow Community Faculty
  • SCWA-Fine Arts
beth.dow@metrostate.edu (651)999-5940
Beth Upton Community Faculty
  • Literature and Language
beth.upton@metrostate.edu (651)793-1327
Bethany Ocar Senior Community Faculty
  • Literature and Language
beth.ocar@metrostate.edu (651)793-1457
Beverly Christie beverly.christie@metrostate.edu
Beverly Hill Professor
  • Literature and Language
beverly.hill@metrostate.edu (651)793-1428
Bilal Dameh Interim Director, Center for Online Learning, Senior Community Faculty, Instructional Designer
  • Center for Online Learning
  • Ethnic and Religious Studies
bilal.dameh@metrostate.edu (651)793-1489
Bill Fullerton Community Faculty
  • Social Work
bill.fullerton@metrostate.edu (651)793-1338
Bob Roeglin Senior Community Faculty
  • School of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
bob.roeglin@metrostate.edu (763)657-3749
Bodunrin Banwo Community Faculty
  • Ethnic and Religious Studies
bodunrin.banwo@metrostate.edu (651)793-1489
Boern Vang Community Faculty
  • Management Information Systems
boern.vang@metrostate.edu (612)659-7250
Bradford Armitage Senior Community Faculty
  • Computer Science and Cybersecurity
brad.armitage@metrostate.edu (651)793-1471
Brahma Dathan Professor
  • Computer Science and Cybersecurity
brahma.dathan@metrostate.edu (651)793-1475
Brandi Raverty
  • Nursing
brandi.raverty@metrostate.edu (651)793-1375
Brandon Jones Community Faculty
  • Human Services
brandon.jones@metrostate.edu (651)793-1342
Bree Halverson
  • Public and Nonprofit Leadership
bree.halverson@metrostate.edu (651)999-5854