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Equity and inclusion planning

Equity Diversity and Inclusion plan

2016-20 Equity Diversity and Inclusion Plan (PDF)


Virginia Arthur, President

The President or his designee will direct the work of the EIC.

Equity and Inclusion Council (EIC)

Under the direction of the President or CDO, responsibilities include collaborating with departments to achieve the diversity mission of the university. The role serves to engage the campus and community to define, enable, and foster an inclusive campus culture.

Diversity Learning Sub-committee (DLS)

To create programs that will engage the University community, challenge perceptions, heighten empathy and create a welcoming and inclusive campus environment. All proposed programs are intended to educate and promote understanding with the purpose of eliminating prejudice and discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, body type, mental or physical differences, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, geographic location, age and other social identifiers.

Anti-Racist Education Sub-committee (ARES)

The University believes that effective community and institutional change happens when those who serve as agents of transformation understand the foundations of race and racism and how they continually function as a barrier to community self-determination and self-sufficiency. In line with this thinking, the Anti-Racism Education Sub-Committee's purpose is to educate the university community students and employees about the continuing legacy of institutional racism and about anti-racism theory and practice.