Academic Internship Coordinator

  • Job starts
  • Job ends
  • Work schedule
    Monday – Saturday
  • Pay Level C
    $10.50 starting wage, then $10.90 after 1,000 hours worked at this level

Major job duties

I. (50%) Support full implementation of the academic internship office and ICES: word processing, filing, entering data, photocopying; collating, assembling and mailing materials; answering and making calls; responding to general programmatic inquiries from students, staff, and faculty; responding to internship inquiries from current and new internship partners; and attending and taking notes for meetings with the GLCRG committee. MEETING WITH STUDENTS ONE ON ONE AND CONDUCTING INFORMATION SESSIONS FOR ALL ACADEMIC INTERNSHIP INQUIRIES. USING MNSCU DATA SYSTEMS TO FOLLOW AND SUPPORT SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF INTERNSHIP GRANT RECIPIENTS, AND CREATE WEEKLY REPORTS FOR THE INTERNSHIP COORDINATOR.

II. (30%) Assist with ICES events: preparing and following up during scheduled work hours events, including promotion, preparation, and planning; outreach initiatives working with youth, families, communities, and institutional partners; and maintaining accurate records for attendance and reporting purposes. WORKING DIRECTLY WITH COMMUNITY PARTNERS TO ATTEND AND FOLLOW UP WITH WORKSHOP SERIES SET UP BY THE INTERNSHIP COORDINATOR. INDEPENDENTLY SCHEDULING, SETTING UP, AND TABLING COMMUNITY PARTNER EVENTS TO PROMOTE THE UNIVERSITY AND THE PAID INTERNSHIPS GRANTS PROGRAMMING

III.(20%) Assist with updating and maintaining ICES internship database: entering data for all internships processed through ICES; checking all data for accuracy; running weekly, quarterly reports as needed/requested; and reviewing with the academic internship coordinator. CREATING ANALYSES BASED ON DATA BASE ON STUDENT INTERNS, INTERNSHIP SITES, AND ACADEMIC PROGRAMS. CORRESPONDING WITH THE 30 ACADEMIC FACULTY LIASIONS FOR INTERNSHIPS TO PROVIDE ACCURATE AND UP TO DATE INFORMATION REGARDING PROGRAM GUIDELINE AND GRANTING PARAMETER SHIFTS. And tasks as assigned.

Qualifications and experience

  • Be a Metropolitan State University part- to full-time student in good academic standing for FY 18/19.
  • Able to learn and understand the policies and procedures of Metropolitan State University and the Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship (ICES) well enough to independently carry out duties.
  • Gain knowledge of the office procedures sufficient to develop and improve work procedures and materials.
  • Able to work with Metropolitan State University students, staff and faculty.
  • Able to work independently or with minimal supervision.
  • Able to learn and make efficient use of new computer systems used in maintaining records.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office products including Access, Word and Excel.
  • Ability to establish, maintain and manipulate information from complex record systems using Access.
  • Able to compile complex reports independently.
  • Able to understand and carryout oral and written directions which involve policy and procedural interpretations.
  • Use tact, discretion and have excellent human relations skills when assisting students with ICES (primarily internship) concerns and issues.
  • Expected to represent the Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship in email, phone call, and in person exchanges with students, faculty, staff, and community when necessary.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience working on the east side St. Paul
  • Knowledge of Metropolitan State University and MN State College data and information systems
  • Experience working in a university setting for 1 or more years

To apply

Email a letter of interest with resume to with the Subject/re: Academic internship office student coordinator