• Job starts
  • Job ends
  • Work schedule
  • Pay Level E
    Graduate student employee: $14.00 starting wage, then $14.50 after 1,000 hours worked at this level / Not tuition remission eligible

Major job duties

  • Assist in the design and set-up of D2L and VoiceThread forums connecting students at a university in another country with students in COMM333-02 at Metropolitan State.  Universities in past projects have been in Sweden, Kenya, Somalia, the U.K., Bangladesh and Northern Ireland.
  • Assist in selecting topics related to intercultural communication and associated readings relevant to American students and students from the other county that will provide an opportunity for culture and communication analysis and comparisons. The TA will be in contact with instructors in the other countries, as well as with Metropolitan State instructor, to work collaboratively on development of the content of the project and on evaluation.
  • Assist students in designing culturally appropriate questions.
  • Monitor forums for content and balanced participation and help to mitigate any cultural misunderstandings that may arise. Provide feedback to discussion groups when it’s clear that misunderstandings have taken place or when it’s evident that not enough cultural context has been given by students in their posts. (Experience shows that participating undergraduate students are generally polite with each other. What more often happens is that American students mention experiences that do not exist in Somalia, for example. This is a learning experience for American students as they strengthen their own skills to see what people in another country may not take for granted and vice versa.)
  • Assist in the development of a more robust evaluation after the completion of the project in order to continuously improve as the project moves forward.
  • Work with Prof. Moskow on an article to submit to a peer-reviewed journal. The TA will appear as an author.

Qualifications and experience

  • Must be fully admitted and continuously enrolled in a Metropolitan State University graduate program
  • Should be familiar with intercultural communication models and theories or with language or culture models; knowledge of cultures and of online platforms is helpful but not necessary.
  • While the TA’s English should be at a graduate level, it is more important to be able to analyze and explain culture components, i.e., non-native speakers are welcome to apply and may have an in-depth understanding of cultural similarities and differences as well as differences in language/communication structures.

To apply

Email michal.moskow@metrostate.edu with a brief narrative indicating communication courses completed or similar courses, experience and background that would qualify a graduate student to work with this project.