Policy 1160: Pets in the Workplace

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University Policy #1160

Section 1.         Purpose

It is acknowledged that the campus, in great part, is made up of public spaces.  For this reason it is often difficult to differentiate between the truly public areas and those spaces which are work spaces. Nevertheless the workplace is intended to be devoted to the efficient and effective delivery of education and related services to students, parents and members of the community.  In those workspaces, the presence of animals not devoted to accomplishing these objectives is disruptive, non-hygienic, and potentially unsafe. In the past, staff voiced concern and consideration for members of our university community who may be allergic to (and/or fearful of) animals, and it was decided that it was not appropriate for staff to bring pets to the workplace. 

Section 2.         Authority

This policy is pursuant to the operating authority granted to the President by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System Board of Trustees.

Section 3.         Effective Date

This procedure is effective when signed, and remains in effect until modified or revoked.

Section 4.         Responsibility

The responsibility for implementation of this policy is assigned to the supervisors.

Section 5.         Policy

It is the policy of Metropolitan State University that faculty and staff are prohibited from bringing personal pets or other animals into the workplace. The only exception to this policy applies to service animals (e.g., seeing-eye dogs).  This applies to all campus buildings and all state vehicles at all times.  

Section 6.         Review

This policy will be reviewed as needed.

Section 7.         Approval

Issued on this 26th day of June, 2003.


Wilson G. Bradshaw, President