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Policy 2090: Faculty Joint Assignments

Download Policy 2090: Faculty Joint Assignments

This PDF is the official text of this policy. If there are any incongruities between the text of the HTML version (rightbelow) and the text within the PDF file, the PDF will be considered accurate and overriding.

University Policy #2090

Section 1. Policy

Metropolitan State University resident faculty members may hold an academic assignment in one college with another assignment in the college in which he or she is rostered.

Section 2. Authority

This policy is issued pursuant to the authority granted under the Rules and Regulations of the Minnesota State College and University System.

Section 3. Effective Date

This policy shall become effective upon the signature of the President and the Vice President of Academic Affairs and shall remain in effect until expressly revoked.

Section 4. Responsibility

The responsibility for implementing this regulation is assigned to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Section 5. Conditions

  1. The assignment is agreed upon by the dean of the rostering college and the dean of the other college. In making their decision, both deans will take into account its impact on their respective units.
  1. Continuing responsibilities in teaching, advising, and other assigned duties in both colleges are specified in writing and agreed to by the faculty member and both deans.
  1. The funding for the position will be allocated in each college, proportionate to the assignment.
  1. Faculty with joint assignments will continue to participate in department meetings in the rostering college and will be welcome to participate in other college meetings.
  1. Joint assignments may be continued indefinitely, subject to review and approval by both deans over three years.

Section 6. Exceptions

Any exception to this policy requires approval from the President of Metropolitan State University.

Section 7 . Review

This regulation will be reviewed and modified as appropriate.

Section 8. Signatures

Issued on the first day of November, 2002.

Leah Harvey, Ph.D.

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Wilson G. Bradshaw, Ph.D.