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Procedure 301: Non-resident Tuition Scholarship for International Students

Download Procedure 301: Non-resident Tuition Scholarship for International Students

This PDF is the official text of this policy. If there are any incongruities between the text of the HTML version (rightbelow) and the text within the PDF file, the PDF will be considered accurate and overriding.

University Procedure #301

Section 1. Procedure

International students shall pay non-resident tuition. This policy is established to govern and define how the student tuition scholarship for international students will be administered. The international student tuition scholarship is a special award for Metropolitan State’s international students who have demonstrated good academic standing. The maximum scholarship is equivalent to the difference between the in-state and out-state tuition rate. This may result in international students paying the same rate as Minnesota residents.

Section 2. Authority

This procedure is established in accordance with Board of Trustees of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities 2.2 State Residency Requirement policy.

Section 3. Effective Date

This university procedure becomes effective immediately upon the signature of the President and remains in effect until modified or expressly revoked.

Section 4. Responsibility

The responsibility for implementation of this university policy is assigned to the Dean of Students.

Section 5. Definition

International student is a non-United States citizen or permanent resident who is temporarily in the United States, engaging in full-time/part-time course of academic study in an accredited educational institution. This definition includes all individuals with non-immigrant visas F, J, H, L, M, TN, etc.

Section 6 . Eligibility Criteria

The award is renewable for up to eight semesters for eligible undergraduate students and five semesters for graduate students, if all eligibility and renewal criteria are met.

To be eligible, students must:

  • Admitted to the university as a degree-seeking student;
  • Hold a valid international student status;
  • Be enrolled as a full-time student when making application and during the scholarship period;
  • Provide proof of health insurance coverage (F-1 students must purchase MnSCU insurance plan);
  • To continue receiving the tuition scholarship, undergraduate students must have a cumulative 2.5 GPA and successfully complete a minimum of 12 credits per semester. Graduate students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and successfully complete a minimum of eight graduate credits per semester. Grades of I, W, or F/NC will not be applied towards the credit requirement. A student may not enroll in more than one course as pass/fail per semester.
  • Maintain their current resident address on file with Metropolitan State’s Records and Registration, and International Student Services office.
  • Must complete at participate or attend 2 cultural activities or participate community service volunteer activities every semester. They must also complete and submit a Cultural Activity/Volunteer Form. The community service/cultural activity must be pre-approved by the Director of International Student Services.

Full Course Load

International students with F-1 visa must be enrolled for fall and spring semesters, and complete a full course load (undergraduate students 12 credits/semester and graduate students 8 credits/semester). Summer enrollment is optional. Students with pre-approved (by academic advisor and ISS) Reduced Course Load (RCL) form on file are considered in compliance with the full course load requirement.

GPA Verification

Each semester, the ISS office will verify students’ cumulative GPA before giving clearance for the tuition scholarship award (provided all grades are submitted). Grades of “I”, “W”, “F/NC” may disqualify students from receiving the waiver. A cumulative GPA of 2.5 for undergraduate students and 3.0 for graduate students is required for the scholarship.

Section 7. Application Process

The tuition scholarship application materials are available from the International Student Services (ISS) office. Students must re-apply each semester. Applications deadlines are: May 1 for fall semester, December 1 for spring semester and April 1 for summer. All applicants must submit the following materials to the International Services Office, postmarked on or before the deadline:

  • International Student Non- Resident Tuition Scholarship Application form;
  • Provide proof of health insurance coverage (F-1 students must purchase MnSCU insurance plan).

Section 8. Selection Process

The ISS office will determine which students will be considered for a scholarship award based upon the above criteria. The primary selection criteria will be based on academic performance.


Undergraduate Students--Priority will be given to students who are pursuing their first four-year degree. Graduate Students—Priority will be given to students who are pursuing their first graduate degree and/or who have received their baccalaureate degree from Metropolitan State.

Dates of Awards

Final decisions will be made by July 1 for fall, January 8 for spring, and May 30 for summer. If the date falls on a Saturday, notification will made the preceding Friday, and if it falls on a Sunday notification will be made the subsequent Monday.

Section 9. Review

This procedure will be reviewed on an as-needed basis.

Section 10. Signatures

Issued on this 4th day of February, 2015.

Devinder D. Malhotra, Ph.D., Interim President

Revised September 3, 2014