Procedure 405: Telephone Acquisition, Changes & Equipment Malfunctions

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Administrative Affairs Procedure #405

 Section 1.        Procedure

This procedure is established to define the process used to acquire telephones and make changes in service.

  Section 2.        Authority

This procedure is issued pursuant to the operating authority granted to the university's President by the Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. 

Section 3.        Effective Date

This procedure shall become effective upon signature by the Vice President of Administration and Finance, and remain in effect until modified or expressly revoked.

Section 4.        Responsibility

The responsibility for implementation of this procedure is assigned to the Associate Vice President, Administration and Finance.

Section 5.        Objective

To coordinate and implement university faculty and staff telephone acquisition and changes.

Section 6.        Implementation

Telephone changes, additions and problems will be coordinated by the Building Services office manager in cooperation with the Department of Administration, InterTechnologies Group.

FORMS:  Telephone Services Request.  This form may be obtained from the Building Services office or in the mailroom of the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses.

  STEP                                     ACTION                                                RESPONSIBILITY

  1. When a staff move is planned, the Building Services office              Building

manager will meet with those departments involved to discuss                     Services

telephone needs. Telephone orders submitted will generally take

10 working days to be processed.


  1. Staff or faculty telephone changes which do not involve                  Building

a move must be coordinated through the Building Services,                         Services

office manager who will assist with the preparation of a

request for the planned changes.

  1. The requesting department will prepare an internal requisition         Requesting

(1400) for funding of all telephone service related charges               Department

and submit to the Building Services office which will be forwarded

to the Business Office.

  1. The Building Services office manager will coordinate all                 Building

Requested telephone service needs with InterTech and                     Services

Metro Communications

  1. The Building Services office manager will provide the phone          Building

User with installation dates, operation instructions, and                    Services

equipment as necessary.

Section 7.        Review

This procedure will be subject to review on an annual basis.

 Section 8.        Approval

 Issued on this 12th day of September, 2000.


Cathleen Brannen, Vice President, Administration and Finance