Procedure 411: State Vehicle Requisition

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Administrative Affairs Procedure #411

Section 1. Procedure

This procedure is established to define the steps necessary to requisition a State of Minnesota vehicle from the Division of Travel Management and to clarify the regulations covering use of motor pool vehicles.

Section 2. Authority

This procedure is issued pursuant to the operating authority granted to the President by the Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.

Section 3. Effective Date

This procedure shall become effective upon signature of the Vice President for Administration and Finance and shall remain in effect until modified or expressly revoked.

Section 4. Responsibility

The responsibility for implementation of this procedure is assigned to the Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance.

Section 5. Objective

To provide guidelines for the requisition of state motor pool vehicles for Metro State University staff travel out of the Twin Cities area.

Section 6. Implementation

FORMS: Requisition for Travel Management


A. Employees of Metro State University or individuals contracting their services to Metro State University may request a state motor pool vehicle for travel out of the Twin Cities area by completing a Requisition for Travel Management and sending it to Building Services office manager. Requisition for Travel Management forms can be obtained from the Building Services office or the St. Paul and Minneapolis campus mailrooms.

B. Student officers of officially recognized Metro State University student organizations may requisition a state vehicle by submitting Requisition for Travel Management form to the Vice President of Student Affairs for approval.

2. The request will be reviewed and processed as appropriate. All state vehicle requisitions require approval by the Associate Vice President for Administrative Affairs.

3. When the request has been submitted to and approved by Travel Management, a vehicle Requisition form (#MP-00006-02) will be provided to you.

4. Present the form to Travel Management at 296 Chester Street, Saint Paul. The driver of the vehicle must pick up and sign for it. Signing for another person is not allowed.

Section 7. Regulations:

The following regulations have been established by Travel Management Division, and must be observed.

A. State-owned vehicles will be used for official state business only. All State of Minnesota vehicles are Non-Smoking. Smoking in a state vehicle will result in a fee to deodorize vehicle. Violators may be denied vehicle usage in the future.

B. Authorized drivers are state employees, contract employees if authorization to drive a state vehicle is specifically mentioned in their contract, students who have been given permission by college or university administration, and friends of handicapped employees who have the permission of that person plus approval of his/her supervisor.

C. Authorized passengers must be state employees, other persons participating in related state programs/events, or friends of handicapped employees as stated above.

D. Drivers must have a valid Minnesota driver's license and insurance. Proof of both must be submitted to supervisor or to Travel Management if requested.

E. Drivers shall observe all ordinances and laws pertaining to the operation of motor vehicles.

F. Self service refueling of all Travel Management cars is to be used whenever available. On every other tank refill, the engine oil level should be checked.

G. When an assignment requires an employee to leave on Saturday or Sunday, a vehicle may be assigned and picked up on the previous Friday afternoon after 4:00 PM. Charges will be made only for the days the vehicle is used according to the information supplied by the driver (i.e., you will not be charged for Friday).

H. If a vehicle is NOT picked up within two hours of designated pick up time, the reservation will be cancelled and the minimum daily rate charged to the requesting agency.

I. For those renting vehicles for several days, courtesy parking is provided for private vehicles. A courtesy pass must be obtained from Travel Management and placed on the dashboard of your car when parked in the designated courtesy parking area. If courtesy parking is not available, you will not be able to leave your private vehicle. If informed that parking is not available, please make alternate arrangements.

J. Gas, oil and other services shall be obtained at the Travel Management shop when the vehicle is operated within the seven county metropolitan area. (Gas and oil can be obtained at the pumps east of the Travel Management building). A state credit card (supplied with vehicle keys) must be presented to the attendant at that time. For areas outside the seven county metropolitan area, gas and oil purchases shall be made from stations which will accept the state credit card. The driver must verify gallons (and discounts if appropriate) and record the information.

K. Upon request, oil company credit cards will be furnished by the Travel Management Division for out-of-state trips.

L. When a Travel Management Division vehicle is outside the seven county metropolitan area and is in need of repairs costing over $35, it should be taken to an automobile garage specializing in the make of the vehicle involved. This is especially important during the warranty period. When repairs are done at a garage, a Field Purchase Order (Form 5595A, supplied in packet when car and keys are picked up) must be completed, indicating car number, mileage, type of work done and total charges. Unless previously authorized, the driver must phone the Travel Management Division (651) 296-8318, prior to incurring any repairs costing in excess of $35 or before purchasing tires or batteries. The authorization number must be written on the face of the Field Purchase Order when sent in to Travel Management. The white and yellow copies of the Field Purchase Order are to be given to the garage conducting the repairs, with instructions to mail the white copy with an invoice to Travel Management for payment. Tires and batteries will be shipped by the Travel Management Division on request. If authorization is not given prior to repairs or purchases, the department will be charged for the unauthorized expenditures.

The Travel Management Division will accept collect phone calls to obtain authorization for repairs costing over $35, from 8 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday at (651) 296-8318. If repairs are needed evenings or weekends, have the repairs made as inexpensively as possible and notify Travel Management by memo or phone call the next working day of the circumstances. Towing and starting charges will be paid by the Travel Management Division. If the vehicle is stalled within the metropolitan area, call (651) 296-8318 for instructions, or the nearest garage if after hours or in an emergency.

M. Upon completion of a trip, the vehicle must be returned to the Travel Management Division and properly parked heading forward into a stall. The white copy of the requisition form is completed by the driver including ending odometer reading, time and date of return, and signature. The vehicle must be returned at the time designated on the requisition form.

Special Note: The driver must indicate any mechanical problem on the reverse side of the form. When vehicles are returned after normal working hours, drivers are to deposit keys in the night deposit box, place the packet in the drop box, and indicate where the vehicle is parked on the map located inside the Travel Management Lobby.

N. Fines resulting from traffic citations involving either moving vehicle or parking violations shall be the obligation of the driver responsible for the vehicle involved.

O. Parking of the Travel Management vehicle shall be the responsibility of the driver. Vehicle shall be locked and the keys removed. Vehicle shall be parked in a lot, if available. However, if no other parking is available, the vehicle may be parked on the street if not in violation of a local ordinance. If circumstances make it necessary to park the vehicle in a garage or parking lot, the fee shall be paid by the user agency.

P. When a Travel Management Division vehicle is involved in an accident with a pedestrian, stationary object, or a moving vehicle, instructions are as follows:

Obtain competent medical care for any injured people.

Secure the following information:

a. Names and addresses of all injured people.

b. Location where the injured are taken.

c. Vehicle owner's and driver's names, addresses, and driver license numbers.

d. Vehicle license number and description including make, model color, etc.

e. Names and addresses of all witnesses.

f. Vehicle owners and drivers insurance company and policy number

Do NOT make any statements concerning the accident except to the police or Travel Management Division personnel.

Complete the official Minnesota Motor Vehicle Accident Report form from the Department of Public Safety (included in vehicle packet with keys, etc.), filling in all the information on both sides of the form.

NOTE: Make a diagram and detailed description of the accident, including all pedestrians and vehicles, both parked and moving, and all other factors and objects that have any bearing on the cause of the accident.

Inform Travel Management via phone (651) 296-6781 of the accident, including whether the car is in driveable condition. If the car is not, indicate where the vehicle is stored, out of the way of traffic.

Send the Motor Vehicle Accident report, within 24 hrs, signed by the driver, to the Travel Management Division office. The insurance section will be completed by Travel Management and the report, if necessary, will be forwarded to the Department of Public Safety by Travel Management. Department heads will be notified of accidents involving their employees.

Q. Insurance: An Insurance information card is included in the key packet. In case of an accident involving serious injury or death, and the Travel Management Division cannot be reached, call the General Adjustment Bureau (GAB) office. The phone number is on the ID card.

The state covers personal and property damage liability, but does not include comprehensive or collision coverage. In the case of damage to the vehicle where the driver did not do everything possible to avoid an accident according to National Safety Council Rules, the driver's agency may be charged for the cost of the damage to the vehicle.

R. Travel Management vehicles are equipped with seat belts for every passenger. All drivers and passengers are required by law to use safety belts.

Both state and federal laws have established maximum miles per hour. Employees driving state vehicles are to observe posted m.p.h. carefully, for their own safety as well as improving fuel economy substantially.

Section 8. Review

This procedure will be subject to review on an annual basis or as needed.

Section 9. Approval

Issued this 12th day of September, 2000.

Cathleen Brannen, Vice President for Administration and Finance