Procedure 450: Faculty Travel/Professional Improvement Grants

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Administrative Affairs Procedure #450

Section 1.        Procedure

The cost of such activity must be encumbered prior to its occurrence by submitting an estimated cost of the upon an Internal Requisition Form (1400 SL-10130-02) and other forms as appropriate, i.e.  Out-State Travel Authorization, Request to Incur Special Expenses.  When faculty out-state travel funds and professional improvement grants are combined for a single trip, all expenses should be included on one Employee Expense Report (FI-00010-02) regardless of the amount of reimbursable travel or grant funds allocated.  Purchases of goods and services, i.e.  books, subscriptions and supplies, from a vendor must be requisitioned through the Purchasing Department and are not directly reimbursable to the faculty member.

All travel allowance policies apply to expenses defined by contract. This includes automobile mileage, meal charges, and other allowable expenses. See current union contracts for rates.  Original receipts must be attached to expense reports.  Copies, cancelled checks and charge account slips are NOT acceptable.

Section 2.        Authority

This procedure is issued pursuant to the authority granted under Minnesota Statute Section 16A.15, Subdivision 3, Executive Order 91-2, Department of Employee Relations Administrative Procedure 4.4, and collective bargaining agreements.

Section 3.        Effective Date

This shall become effective upon signature by the Vice President of Administration and Finance, and remain in effect until modified or expressly revoked.

Section 4.        Responsibility

The responsibility for implementation of this procedure is assigned to the Vice President, Administration and Finance.

Section 5.        Objective

To provide an orderly process for the payment of faculty professional improvement grant, and contract mandated out-of-state travel funds.

Section 6.        Implementation

Necessary forms:      Internal Requisition - 1400 SL-10130-02

Out-State Travel Authorization - SL-10331-01

Request to Incur Special Expenses - FI-00023-03

Employee Expense Report - FI-00010-02

STEP                                       ACTION                                                         RESPONSIBILITY

  1. List faculty eligible for out-state travel allocations and                     Faculty Association

forward to the Office Manager of Academic Affairs                                     President

  1. List allocations for Professional Improvement Grants and                Vice President

forward to the Office Manager of Academic Affairs                         Academic Affairs

  1. Forward a copy of both lists to the Vice President,                            Office Manager

Administration and Academic Affairs

  1. Forward Internal Requisition forms estimating expenses,                 Faculty Member

an Out-State Travel Authorization, and, if necessary, a                    

Request to Incur Special Expenses to the Office Manager,

Academic Affairs, prior to an obligation being incurred.

  1. Review and obtain necessary authorizing signatures and                  Office Manager

forward to Business Office for encumbering                                      Academic Affairs

  1. Complete in full an Employee Expense Report, attach all                 Faculty Member

original receipts and forward to the Office Manager,

Academic Affairs

  1. Review and obtain necessary authorizing signatures and                  Office Manager

forward to Business Office for payment                                            Academic Affairs

  1. Forward an additional list of recipients to the Office Manager         Faculty Association

of Academic Affairs and to the Vice President,                                 President and/or

Administration and Finance forwarded to the Office                        Vice President,

Manager, Academic Affairs and the Vice President,                         Academic Affairs

Administration and Finance, if additional funds become available

for either faculty travel and/or professional improvement.

  1. Submit a copy of the original Employee Expense Report will          Office Manager

be submitted indicating the additional amount due and                     Academic Affairs signed by the Vice President, Academic Affairs.

NOTE:  A new expense report is required only if the allocation

will be used for an additional trip or project

Section 7.        Review

This procedure will be subject to review on an annual basis.

Section 8.        Approval

Issued on this 6th day of May, 1994.


W. Gordon Scott, Vice President, Administration and Finance