Procedure 500: Achievement awards

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University Procedure #500

Section 1.        Purpose

This procedure is to describe the method used to distribute achievement awards for classified employees covered by the MMA and MAPE collective bargaining agreements and by the Commissioner’s Plan.

Section 2.        Authority

This procedure is established pursuant to the Article 16, Sec. 5, D and E of the MMA Agreement; Article 24, Section 6 of MAPE Agreement; and Chapter 14 of the Commissioner’s Plan.

Section 3.        Eligibility

  1. Thirty-five percent of employees in MAPE, forty percent of MMA employees and all Commissioner’s Plan employees are eligible each year.
  2. The positions in the MAPE and MMA units for purposes of determining percentages must have been authorized at the beginning of the fiscal year.
  3. Awards may be granted to individuals or to teams.
  4. In order to qualify, an individual must have served at least one year at the university in probationary/certified status.
  5. An employee must have received and have on file, a formal performance review conducted within the previous 12 months.

Section 4.        Criteria

Individuals or teams recommended for awards must have demonstrated outstanding performance on a project or consistent high achievement and excellent service to others.  Criteria include:

  • Outstanding Leadership or collaboration on special project or initiative during the fiscal year
  • Demonstration of consistent performance above expectations
  • Successful adaptation to an unusual change in assignment or responsibilities
  • Achievement of significant improvement in services
  • Improved focus on and responsiveness to clients/customers
  • Increase in the number, types and quality of partnerships
  • Improved access to service
  • Enhancement of public opinion and awareness of Metro State
  • Improved flexibility to deal with changing environment

Section 5.        Procedure

  1. During the spring, the Human Resources office will provide the president and the achievement award committee a roster of individuals eligible for achievement awards to take effect during the first full pay period in the ensuing fiscal year.  Included will be a breakdown of the number of people eligible by unit, maximum dollar amount allowed per individual, and past recipients.
  2. The Human Resources office shall invite applications from individuals and teams and nominations from appropriate supervisors and deans. 
  3. Individuals or teams who wish to apply shall send an application to the appropriate supervisor for review.
  4. Supervisors shall submit nominations for individual or team awards. An employee need not have submitted an application in order to be nominated.  Similarly, supervisors may decide not to nominate individuals or teams for an award even though they have submitted  applications.  In such a case, the supervisor shall forward the application without recommendation to the achievement awards committee.
  5. The achievement awards committee shall consist of the vice presidents and the human resources director. The achievement awards committee shall meet to discuss the nominations and shall recommend achievement award recipients to the president.
  6. All else being equal, the individual who has least recently received an award will be given preference.
  7. The president will make the final decision on achievement awards.
  8. The award recipients shall receive notification from the president’s office and copies shall be sent to the supervisor, the appropriate vice president and to the recipients’ personnel file.
  9.  The Human Resources office will process the awards for payment.

Section 6.        Review

This procedure will be reviewed as needed to reflect changes in the collective bargaining agreements and Commissioner’s Plan.

Section 7.        Approval

Issued on this 11th day of June, 2001


Dr. Wilson G. Bradshaw, President