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From the President

President's post-election message to the Metropolitan State community

Posted November 9, 2016

Dear Metropolitan State community:

Many of us across the University students, faculty, and staff are struggling to understand and to process the outcomes of Tuesday's election. It is natural to feel both pride in our nation's heritage of peacefully transferring power after we citizens elect leaders and uncertainty about the unknown actions that new leaders could take.

I am acutely aware that many of our students, faculty, and staff are members of groups that have been openly vilified during the recent election campaigns. These unworthy actions damage our social fabric and injure individuals. Locally, I understand that many of us feel devalued, insecure, or unsafe. One of the most hurtful experiences right now is to feel isolated.

At this troubling time, let us come together in support of all members of our community. We must recall that we are one university and that we learn and live together around a distinctive set of values and commitments that leave no one out.

We are committed to solidarity with our urban communities, to being open and accessible, to celebrating the treasure of our diversity, and to being a fully inclusive, explicitly anti-racist, learning community. We stand for an open, respectful climate. All of us are safe here.

I want to urge all of us to actively take advantage of opportunities to gather for discussion, support, brainstorming practical strategies, and renewing hope.

One of these opportunities will take place this evening. The Advocacy, Political Leadership and Service Club and the Metro State Votes Campaign are co-sponsoring the "MAPL Election Decompression" event, at 5:30 p.m. today in the Great Hall. An outstanding panel, free food by Alimama, and a chance to connect with others about recent events are open to all.

Support is available to students through Counseling Services (651-793-1568).

Employees can seek personal support through Life Matters EAP (651-259-3840), or by contacting Human Resources.

The issues and feelings we are facing will be with us for the foreseeable future. In the days ahead, we seek to develop a variety of ways to connect and find support. I am mobilizing a team to help me think through and plan healing and helpful actions. I urge you to watch for information about such opportunities and to take part in those that work for you.

Students can watch for upcoming notices from the office of the Dean of Students and from our team of cultural coordinators about support opportunities and gatherings. Support is available to students through Counseling Services (651-793-1568).
Watch for activities offered by our student organizations.

If you have an idea for a way to generate support for fellow students or colleagues, please share it with your dean, your supervisor, or with me.

As a university community, we stand together to uphold our ideals.

Thank you.

President Virginia "Ginny" Arthur
Metropolitan State University