Program Overview

Metropolitan State University’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Management (ACHM) Graduate Certificate is designed to expand and improve skills for persons active or interested in leading arts and cultural heritage programs and organizations. This graduate certificate is oriented toward working adults, providing a dynamic multi-format program with a cohort feel and maximum flexibility to accommodate professional needs. It can be completed as a stand-alone credential or as a supplement to a master’s program in nonprofit management or public administration.

The ACHM Graduate Certificate is an excellent stepping stone for emerging and mid-career professionals who are seeking advanced learning and practical experience in fields related to arts and cultural heritage management.  The certificate is management-oriented and skills-based and designed to support the professional development of persons who are active or interested in leading arts and cultural heritage programs and organizations in a variety of roles -- as artists, program administrators, civic leaders, public policy advocates, historic preservationists, and volunteers.  Metropolitan State University's ACHM certificate can be completed as a stand-alone credential or as a supplement to a master's program.  It is a strong professional development option for: 

  • Recent undergraduates in creative, technical, and management-related fields who want to gain specialized experience in the arts and cultural heritage sector;
  • Currently enrolled Metropolitan State University graduate students in the following programs;
  • Professionals currently working in arts and cultural heritage organizations who are looking to build their resume and skills;
  • Volunteers and board members who contribute to the Twin Cities' creative economy and are looking for ways to deepen their service to arts and cultural organizations.

One of the fastest growing forms of post-secondary credentialing in the United States, graduate-level certificates such as Metropolitan State University's ACHM offering is an economically-sound option for professionals who want to enhance their skills and professional expertise and boost their career advancement.

Program Outcomes

The ACHM Graduate Certificate is designed to provide knowledge, skills, and professional networking in the following areas of arts and cultural heritage management:

    1. Seeking and administering funds donated by individuals, foundations, or other grantors.
    2. Designing and implementing a marketing plan, including the strategic communication of organizational or program positioning in the marketplace.
    3. Determining, assessing, and communicating the value of arts and cultural heritage activities, expressions, and spaces.
    4. Building a professional network of collaboration, learning, meaning, and purpose in arts and cultural heritage leadership.
    5. Increasing awareness of and access to arts and cultural heritage resources, developments, and partnership opportunities.

Individualized Field Placement

All students will participate in a professional field experience specifically designed to meet individual needs and goals. All field placements must be approved by the ACHM program advisor. Possible designs may include

  • a formal internship (paid or unpaid) to gain experience in a particular area of arts or culture or to learn a specific set of skills;
  • a project or alternative work assignment to be completed in a different organization or setting in order to broaden one’s experience and perspective;
  • a mentorship or apprenticeship to expand and deepen professional knowledge and abilities;
  • a work survey arrangement to expand awareness of arts and culture work in a variety of organizations or settings.

Individualized Advising

All students will receive personalized advising from the ACHM program advisor from the moment they enter the program, with particular attention to tailoring the content of workshops and field placements to their professional needs and career goals.

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Gainful Employment Disclosure

Gainful employment programs are those "that prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation." Public institutions are required to report this information for all undergraduate and graduate programs that are Title IV eligible and that lead to certificates, diplomas, graduate certificates or specialist awards. Degree programs at all levels are not considered to be gainful employment programs.

Gainful Employement Disclosure

Admission Requirements

Application Requirements

Applicants should allow 7-10 business days for review once all required application materials are received and sent to the College of Management Graduate Admissions Committee.
To be considered for admission you must submit:

  • Graduate Application
  • Non-refundable application fee (waived for graduates of Metropolitan State University)
  • Official Transcripts
  • Assessment Scores
  • Current resume
  • Goals Essay

See Applying to the Program for details on application requirements and deadlines.

Transfer Credit

Courses are accepted in transfer upon the approval of the Graduate Programs Director in consultation with discipline coordinators. A course is accepted in transfer if it was earned from an accredited institution, no degree was granted, and a letter grade of B or better was earned in the course.

Academic Standing

Students must remain in satisfactory academic standing to continue in a College of Management master's degree or graduate certificate program. Only courses for which they receive a letter grade of C (2.0) or better count toward degree or certificate requirements. The option of a competence/no competence with a narrative transcript is not available to College of Management graduate students. A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 and passing grades (i.e., C or better) for all required courses included in any graduate or certificate programs are required for graduation. Academic standing is calculated at the end of each semester.

Students receiving a letter grade of C+ or below in any graduate course, or who have a cumulative GPA that drops below 3.0, will be placed on academic probation. They will be removed from academic probation when their cumulative GPA rises above 3.0 and they have repeated and passed any required courses for which they received an F.

Required courses for which a student receives an F must be repeated and passed in order to graduate. College of Management master's and graduate certificate students may repeat courses if they receive a grade of C or C+, upon approval of the Graduate Studies Director. If a course is repeated once, only the higher grade is used in computing the grade point average. If a course is repeated a second time, the grade point average includes grades earned in both of the repeat attempts. No course may be taken more than three times.

Dismissal from the Program Due to Unsatisfactory Academic Standing

Students who receive a grade of F in a required course must re-take the course and pass it with a grade of C or better in order to complete their program and graduate. They have up to one calendar year, or the next time the course is offered from the time an F was received, to re-take the course. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the program. If a student who received an F cannot complete the course with a passing grade of C or better within the two allowable re-take opportunities, they will be dismissed from the program.

Appeal of Dismissal from the Program Due to Unsatisfactory Academic Standing

Students who are dismissed from the program may appeal their dismissal to the College of Management Dean. The appeal must be made in writing and provide specific grounds for the appeal. The appeal is due to the Dean within 30 days of the date of the letter notifying them of the decision to dismiss them from the program. The Dean has 30 days to respond in writing to the appeal. Appeals received after 30 days will not be considered.

Readmission after Dismissal

Students who have been dismissed from a graduate program may apply for readmission no sooner than one calendar year after the last semester of study. To reapply, they have to complete the same process that was required for their initial admission and they must meet all the requirements of the Program as of their time of readmission. Readmission decisions are made by the College of Management Graduate Admissions Committee and are not automatic.

Time to Completion

You have two years from your first semester of graduate study to complete your certificate program requirements. You may request an extension of the time limit by writing to the College of Management Graduate Programs Office. Such requests must be received prior to the expiration of the time limit. Requests for extensions should include your reason(s) for requesting the extension, a summary of your plan to finish graduation requirements, and a specific date for the extension to expire. Extension decisions are made by the College of Management Graduate Admissions Committee and are not automatic.

Additional Information


Resident faculty members are primarily:

  • Holders of doctoral degrees in their fields
  • Authors of applied and refereed publications
  • Experienced in their academic fields

Additionally, the College of Management has a strong community faculty who are fully committed to educational excellence. All community faculty have graduate degrees, either a master's or a doctorate, as well as business expertise in their fields. Metropolitan State assures the quality of its community faculty through a careful selection process, extensive training through our own Teaching Academy, and regular student evaluations.

Contact Information

Office Location Mailing Address
1300 Harmon Place
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Metropolitan State University College of Management
Graduate Programs Office
1501 Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Phone: 612-659-7290

How Admissions Works

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Course List


Requirements ( 16 total credits)

Graduate Courses

All students will complete four 4-credit courses addressing critical management concerns in arts and cultural heritage organizations and programs. All four courses are management oriented and conducted in a practical, applied learning format. All of the courses will meet fully or partly online in order to reduce the cost and inconvenience of travel to the classroom and to take full advantage of online learning resources. The four required courses can be completed in any order:

ACHM 670 Value and Valuation in Arts and Culture and
ACHM 680 Leadership, Partnership and Infrastructure Management

  • ACHM 650 Grants and Gifts for Arts and Culture
    4 credits

    ACHM 650 Grants and Gifts for Arts and Culture provides knowledge and skills needed to manage grants and contracts, especially in the area of arts and cultural heritage programming, consulting, and administration. Particular attention is given to grant application and selection, documentation of activities and results, grant and contract accountability, and reporting.

    Course Outline Class Schedule <<<<<<< HEAD ======= >>>>>>> 35179410ff55d83bece68cc1d84aadaa0fa744b8
  • ACHM 660 Marketing and Communications Management
    4 credits

    Marketing and Communications Management would prepare students to manage the design and implementation of an integrated marketing and communications plan. This course would provide students with the knowledge and skills to position an organization in the marketplace, to determine sustainable revenue flows, and to advance participation and appreciation in all areas of arts and cultural heritage expression.

    Course Outline Class Schedule <<<<<<< HEAD ======= >>>>>>> 35179410ff55d83bece68cc1d84aadaa0fa744b8
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  • Please verify that your Course List is separated by ',' (comma) or 'OR'