ARTS 303

Relief Printmaking

3 Undergraduate credits
Effective August 19, 2018 – May 7, 2019

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This class focuses on the practical approaches of relief printmaking, through an exploration of the linocut and woodcut processes. Class discussions and projects include use of tools and materials, artists and movements of the past and contemporary trends in printmaking. Reductive, single and multiple-block relief techniques will be introduced.

Special information

Prerequisites: One introductory Arts class or instructor's consent. Note: Requires minimum credits: 30. A supply list will be distributed at the first class.

Learning outcomes


  • Knows the basics of relief printmaking techniques with linocut and woodcut.
  • Understands and applies reductive, single, and multiple block techniques.
  • Knows how to use and care for printmaking tools and equipment.
  • Uses printmaking as a means of conveying ideas from both observation and imagination.
  • Utilizes problem-solving strategies in accomplishing resolved works of art.
  • Develops critical awareness within ones own work and their peers work.
  • Understands selected issues in contemporary art, research methods, and vocabulary pertinent to printmaking.
  • Understands the connection of thought and ones interpretation of the subject through observation and articulation.