DENH 440

Restorative Function Certification

1 Undergraduate credit
Effective May 13, 2019 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

Course focus is on the completion of all Minnesota Board of Dentistry (MN BOD) Restorative Functions (RF) clinical requirements in contract with a MN DDS as arranged by the student. DENH 440 must be taken the semester immediately following DENH 420 for MN BOD RF certification.

Learning outcomes


  • Provide patient care in the placement, contouring, and adjusting of restorations in the primary and permanent dentition in accordance with Minnesota Statute Section 150A.10, subdivision 4.
  • Assume ethical and legal responsibility for clinical decision making and the quality of oral healthcare services provided.
  • Demonstrate clinical competency in the placement, contouring, and occlusal adjusting of the following restorative materials: Amalgam restorations, Glass ionomer restorations, Composite resin restorations: Class I and Class V supragingival restorations where the margins of the restoration are entirely within enamel, Stainless steel crown adaptation and cementation.
  • Incorporate evidence-based research, relevant law, and ethics when managing client care and information.
  • Integrate evidence-based research to improve the quality of restorative expanded functions care.
  • Maintain accountability for quality of health care and patient safety.
  • Maintain accurate record keeping as it relates to restorative expanded functions services.
  • Participate in self-assessment to improve the effectiveness of care..
  • Provide primary restorative oral health care that promotes and maintains oral health and is in accordance with Minnesota Statute Section 150A.10, subdivision 4.