DENH 695

Community-Based Externship II

3 Graduate credits
Effective August 17, 2020 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

In this course students will demonstrate sound clinical judgement while providing oral health care services to underserved patient populations across the life span at partner clinics. The focus of this course is competent, professional dental treatment requiring in-depth understanding of comprehensive patient-centered management of oral health problems within the scope of advanced dental therapy practice in collaboration with preceptor providers.

Special information

Prerequisites: Admission into the Master of Science in Advanced Dental Therapy. Successful completion of MSADT course DENH 690.

Learning outcomes


  • Demonstrate professionalism, ethical judgment, and ethical behavior while providing dental therapy/advanced dental therapy patient care and associated activities across the lifespan.
  • Gather, analyze, evaluate and assess appropriate data to create individualized, problem-based treatment plans for patients with complex oral health needs in collaboration with practice-based preceptors.
  • Provide full scope of dental therapy/advanced dental therapy care consistent with Minnesota statutes for dental therapy/advanced dental therapy practice and collaborative management authorization.