EDU 204

Urban Field Experience and Seminar

1 Undergraduate credit
Effective December 17, 2006 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This elective practicum is designed to give prospective applicants to the Urban Teacher Program the opportunity to document and reflect upon at least 40 hours working with diverse youth in urban settings in order to partially fulfill program admission requirements. Such field experience could include, but is not limited to, classroom observation and assistance, after school tutoring, volunteering with a community organization, and after school or summer youth programs. Periodic seminars and journaling help prospective urban teacher candidates reflect upon their field experiences, and prepare for the program admission process.

Special information

Note: Department approval required to register. Contact the Urban Teacher Program field coordinator at Clinical field experience (5-10 hours) is part of the requirements for this course.

Learning outcomes


  • Student Teaching as required by Minnesota Board of Teaching.