EDU 450

Advanced Urban Teaching Practicum and Seminar

Undergraduate credit
Effective May 8, 2019 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This advanced pre-student teaching practicum is designed to give urban teacher candidates the opportunity to document and reflect upon at least 60 hours practical clinical experience in an urban middle school or high school classroom within their subject area of licensure. Requirements include teaching at least 3 lessons in their licensure area to a whole class of students, but most of the clinical field experience hours and active classroom involvement will be determined by field-based assignments required in other Education courses and the cooperating urban school teacher hosting the practicum. Successful completion of this practicum is a prerequisite for student teaching. Requirements include attendance and participation in periodic seminars to help prospective urban teacher candidates reflect upon their field experiences, and prepare for student teaching.

Learning outcomes


  • Provide opportunity for reflective praxis that integrates and applies knowledge and skills learned in content-area major coursework, methods coursework and clinical field experience in preparation for student teaching.
  • Provide teacher candidates with meaningful opportunities to engage in the practice of urban middle school and/or high school teaching prior to student teaching.
  • Provide an opportunity for teacher candidates and the Urban Teacher Program to assess readiness to student teach.