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IDST 111 Youth Civic Engagement

is high-flex course is designed to help people who are involved in a community/civic organization to develop a theoretical understanding of youth civic engagement in a democracy and an academic foundation for their community work. The course will develop an understanding of the topics and themes related to civic engagement in a democracy and how and why involvement of young people at an early age is so important to develop their lifelong role in a democratic society. An important component of the course is actual involvement in a program and/or organization that is devoted to engaging young people in the civic process.
3 Undergraduate credits

Effective August 15, 2022 to December 11, 2022

Learning outcomes


  • Understand the role of young people in the civic engagement process
  • Describe how young people acquire civic knowledge and skills
  • Apply principles of youth civic engagement through an actual community project
  • Asses the effectiveness of their civic engagement in bringing about change
  • Identify ethical dilemmas and challenges of trying to engage young people in civic action.