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LAWE 050 Emergency Vehicle Operations

This course provides basic defensive and emergency driving operation techniques while operating a law enforcement vehicle in both emergency and non-emergency situations.
Undergraduate credit

Effective January 9, 2017 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Demonstrate basic motor vehicle operation, defensive and evasive driving, and emergency response driving, and
  • Know legal and policy aspects of pursuits.
  • Explain the implications of Minn. Stat. 169.753 which states ¿Law enforcement officers operating patrol motor vehicles shall be trained in the use and application of first aid equipment¿ and Minn. Stat. 626.8452, which requires officers be trained in the use of those weapons and equipment the officer is issued or authorized to carry (including those carried in emergency vehicles operated by the officer).
  • Describe the psychological and physiological dynamics of emergency response and pursuits and how they may affect judgment, perception and decision making.
  • Given police pursuit scenarios, explain the considerations for continuance and termination of pursuit.
  • Discuss the physical, psychological and emotional affects officers often encounter immediately following a pursuit.
  • Discuss how pursuit policy issues affect the conduct of pursuits by peace officers and pursuit related mandatory reporting.

Summer 2022

Section Title Instructor
50 Emergency Vehicle Operations MacLean, Chuck Books Course details