Law and Human Behavior Lab

1 Undergraduate credit
Effective January 9, 2017 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This course meets corresponding learning objectives of the Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training. It provides the laboratory experience to accompany LAWE 321, Law and Human Behavior.

Special information

Note: The lab is necessary to meet new POST learning objectives. LAWE 321 and LAWE 321L must both be in the cart at the same time when you register.

Learning outcomes


  • Describe the impact of human behavior on the interactions between law enforcement and communities they serve.
  • Explain law enforcement response strategies to mental health issues, persons in crisis and critical incident events.
  • Describe the role of law enforcement as it relates, but not limited, to: victimization, survivors, stalking, predatory offenders, domestic abuse, sexual assault and hate/biased motivated crimes.
  • Explain the role of law enforcement when addressing issues of gangs, drugs, terrorism and homeland security.

Spring 2021

Section Title Instructor
01 Law and Human Behavior Lab Dunphy, Emily Lehner Course details
02 Law and Human Behavior Lab Thompson, Kristin M Hahn, Stephanie A Course details