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MATH 420 Numerical Analysis

This course addresses the theory and practice of numerical methods as they apply in various areas of mathematics. Possible topics include: numerical solutions of systems of linear and nonlinear equations, interpolation, numerical differentiation and integration, numerical solution of ordinary and partial differential equations.


Special information

Note: Students whose prerequisites are not identified by the system should contact the Math and Statistics department for an override at
4 Undergraduate credits

Effective August 1, 1998 to May 3, 2022

Learning outcomes


  • Be able to choose an appropriate mathematical method for a given application.
  • Be able to write programs to implement mathematical algorithms on a computer.
  • Understand the limitations of computer arithmetic as well as methods to mitigate these limitations.
  • Understand the theoretical background of numerical algorithms and error estimates.
  • Understand, and be able to utilize, numerical algorithms to solve mathematical problems.