MIS 9000

Disater Recovery Plan: A Road Map for Survival

Undergraduate credit
Effective January 12, 2004 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

A philosopher once said "Life is a disaster waiting to happen." Actually, it was Mr. Murphy and we all know his law. The prudent CIO or data center manager will prepare for a variety of contingencies. This four hour workshop will review the basics of planning, building, and testing an effective Disaster Recovery Plan. All the steps are covered; risk analysis, determining your mission critical operations, recovery strategies; building the disaster recovery plan; testing it and, not the least important by any means, maintaining the plan. This workshop will leave you with a checklist and outline for a practical contingency and disaster recovery plan that can keep your data center operational, or, in the event of a service interruption; get your information resource reestablished and operational with a minimum of impact to your business.

Learning outcomes