MIS 9001

Unleashing the Power of Enterprise Portfolio Mgmt without the Bureaucracy

Undergraduate credit
Effective January 12, 2004 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

The prevailing conception of enterprise portfolio management includes the following: information about business and technology plans, business investment priorities, current information on projects, and a sense of technology infrastructure. This largely implies a methodology and/or some tools to assist in the process, as well as a desired outcome of an orchestrated organizational approach to business IT investment decisions that share common benefits, costs, and risk factors. Unfortunately, this message is also LEADEN with bureaucratic implications. This session address how intended best practices for IT, along with the selection, control, evaluation, and life cycle management of IT investments can be realized in a pragmatic manner. Moreover, this session will demonstrate how the visibility of the results of this more flexible approach can be highlighted in the context of an enterprise business model.

Learning outcomes