NURS 521

WOC Nursing, Skin and Wound Management

3 Undergraduate credits
Effective August 26, 2006 – December 17, 2018

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

The course focuses on the care of the client across the lifespan who may be at risk for skin breakdown, who has a break in skin integrity or who has an existing wound. Specifically, students will gain knowledge of the etiology, differential diagnoses, clinical findings and management options of the wounds or skin complications affecting these groups. Focus will also be on the adept skill of obtaining a physical assessment and medical history, incorporating data from diagnostic tests, and documentation of assessments and evaluations to attain optimal patient outcomes.


Special information

Prerequisite: Admitted student or instructor's permission. Note: Course offered through our partners webWOCnursing Education Program. Special tuition applies; visit for program and tuition information. There are required online activities and assignments each week.

Learning outcomes