PSYC 408

Application of Knowledge in Psychology

3-4 Undergraduate credits
Effective May 7, 2019 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

In this course, students apply their knowledge of theories, concepts, facts, ethics and ways of thinking in psychology to a real-life work or volunteer setting. Students reflect upon how their work experiences relate to the discipline of psychology. Students perform reflective self-evaluation and integrate careful consideration of ethical standards into their applied experience. PSYC 407 is a required prerequisite.

Learning outcomes


  • Compare and contrast the conceptualization of psychological theory in an academic/classroom setting to the conceptualization of psychological theory in an applied work setting.
  • Implement appropriate ethical behavior according to the American Psychological Association Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct
  • Examine how ones career interests and perceptions of ones strengths/weaknesses change over the course of the applied experience.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of, and compliance with, work expectations as agreed upon with ones supervisor at the applied experience.
  • Appraise ones learning experience regarding psychology in an applied setting.