Social Work Prerequisite Internship

3 Undergraduate credits
Effective May 7, 2019 – December 16, 2019

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This course is a prerequisite to enter into the social work major and is open to all interested students. It goes concurrent with SOWK 010. Students are introduced to the work of social service agencies and the career paths available in the field of social work. Through providing 120 hours of volunteer service, students will observe and may directly experience the needs of client populations. Emphasis is placed on interaction with people of color and/or Native American people at all levels of an organization.

Learning outcomes


  • Understand and identify professional roles and boundaries in human services.
  • Demonstrate professional demeanor in behavior, appearance, and communication.
  • Identify personal and professional values within the human services profession.
  • Develop self-awareness to eliminate the influence of personal biases and values in working with diverse individuals.
  • Identify cultural and system structures that may marginalize, create, or enhance privilege and power.
  • Identify agency and organizational policies that advocate social well-being.
  • Demonstrate professional communication with agency members and populations served.
  • Identify the variety of social service delivery options available to individuals.
  • Examine the human diversity within social service settings.
  • Display cultural appropriate intervention and strategies which are congruent with the lived experiences of the individuals.