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THEA 245 Introduction to Acting

to introduce and explore the art of acting. Largely experiential; students will deepen their understanding of technique, voice, and movement, authenticity and flexibility. Various psychological, physical and improvisational techniques are also studied.
4 Undergraduate credits

Effective May 3, 2022 to December 11, 2022

Learning outcomes


  • Understand the part of the actor within the play
  • Implement the ¿yes, and¿ approach to contribute and to build on others¿ ideas
  • Evaluate an approach to performance that is right for the task at hand
  • Transform conflict into curiosity
  • Recognize and celebrate the gifts in each interaction
  • Employ techniques to make scripted material more vital
  • Embrace the authentic self and use natural gifts to communicate effectively
  • Listen deeply to engender empathy and collaboration
  • Speak comfortably in one-on-one conversations and with groups
  • Interpret group dynamics and talk with listeners, rather than to them
  • Recognize opportunities in ambiguity; innovate more quickly and effectively
  • Change speeches into conversations
  • Create dynamic interpersonal and group interactions
  • Implement techniques that make extemporaneous speaking enjoyable
  • Identify anxiety-producing thought processes and transform them into positive action.

Fall 2022

Section Title Instructor
01 Introduction to Acting Smogard, Gail S Books Course details