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Center for Academic Excellence

We are a learning and student-support department devoted to student success. We offer tutoring in writing, mathematics, statistics, science, computer science, accounting, finance, economics, and symbolic logic. We also manage the Academic Testing Center.

CAE Tutoring Principles

I. We see our students as people first

  • Be honest, compassionate, empathetic, and patient
  • Provide a welcoming, positive, and safe learning environment
  • Promote and maintain equity
  • Show respect, especially for cultural differences
  • Understand the Metro State Student Body, and acknowledge the high demands placed on students and frequent tensions from life pressures

II. We promote student independence and responsibility for learning

  • Ensure learning takes place during tutorials
  • Respect student work – it is their work to complete
  • Detachment from responsibility for the final result
  • Respect autonomy of student – they can make choices about their work and the tutorial
  • Assist students to become critical thinkers

III. We respect tutoring boundaries of what we can and cannot do

  • Tutoring as coaching, guiding, and facilitating learning
  • Meet students where they are, and balance our response to their best interests
  • Are not instructors, advisors, or counselors, but do help students reduce stress/anxiety
  • Inspire a passion for life-long learning, but respect students’ individual goals
  • Recognize our limitations, and continue to develop as tutors

IV. We are learner-centered

  • Strive for effectiveness in tutorials and making a difference to the student
  • Maintain an evaluation-free environment
  • Be responsive to different learning styles
  • Openness to flexibility & adaptability
  • Promote student reflection on learning & metacognition

Academic Testing Center

The Academic Testing Center provides make-up, independent study and waiver exam services. Learn more about exam guidelines and how to schedule an appointment.

Center for Academic Excellence Tutoring Services

Get homework help with writing, science, math and more at the Center for Academic Excellence.