Metropolitan State University

CJS 370 : Probation and Parole

A. Course Description
Credits: 3
Lab Hours/ Weeks: Corequisites: None
Lecture Hours/ Week :  
MnTC Goals: None
This course examines both probation and parole and how each field plays an integral part in the criminal justice system. Students are given an historical background of probation, become familiar with present day policies and procedures and are introduced to treatment philosophies and future trends. Throughout the course, students also supervise a mock caseload of probationers and parolees.
B. Course Effective Dates: 08/25/2007 - Present
C. Outline of Major Content Areas:
See Course Description for major content areas.
D. Learning Outcomes (General)
  1. Demonstrate written communication skills.
  2. Evaluate how probation and parole relate to all other fields in the criminal justice system.
  3. Examine and evaluate future trends and schools of thought in the field.
  4. Examine and explain the historical background of probation in the United States.
  5. Explain the policies, procedures and operations of probation and parole, particularly in the State of Minnesota.
E. Learning Outcomes (MN Transfer Curriculum)
This contains no goal areas.
G. Special Information