Metropolitan State University

DENH 410 : Evidence-Based Dental Hygiene Practice

A. Course Description
Credits: 3
Lab Hours/ Weeks: Corequisites: None
Lecture Hours/ Week :  
MnTC Goals: None
This course involves learning and implementing evidence-based decision making principles. The dental hygiene practitioner will value the integration of clinical expertise and available current external evidence from research. Emphasis is on strategy, methodology, and research design with clinical focus on dental hygiene standards of care, process of care, and dental hygiene diagnosis as related to clinical and community dental hygiene practice. Attention is given to health equity, to include emphasis on cultural competence, racism and health literacy.
B. Course Effective Dates: 08/23/2008 - 01/01/2017 01/02/2017 - Present
C. Outline of Major Content Areas:
See Course Description for major content areas.
D. Learning Outcomes (General)
  1. Integrate findings from evidence-based research into clinical practice and patient care.
  2. Relate evidence-based decision making to dental and dental hygiene standards of care, process of care, and dental hygiene diagnosis.
  3. Review dental and dental hygiene research with ethical, legal, economic, political, and multicultural issues in mind.
  4. Select research techniques appropriate to the investigation of dental issues.
  5. Understand research strategy, methodology, and design.
  6. Apply the concept of evidence-based dentistry.
  7. Practice evidence-based decision making.
  8. Critically evaluate current dental research recognizing applicability to clinical dental hygiene care.
  9. Write a formal research critique.
  10. Compose a research-based paper addressing a specific dental or dental hygiene clinical question.
E. Learning Outcomes (MN Transfer Curriculum)
This contains no goal areas.
G. Special Information
Prerequisite: Admission into the Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program (BSDH) or Dental Hygiene Post-Baccalaureate Certificate program; or by special permission by Dental Hygiene Department Coordinator. Note: This course is web-enhanced, requiring the student to be familiar with computer use and to be prepared to participate in an online course at the beginning of the semester.