Metropolitan State University

GNDR 402 : Gender Studies Capstone

A. Course Description
Credits: 4
Lab Hours/ Weeks: Corequisites: None
Lecture Hours/ Week :  
MnTC Goals: None
Students reflect critically on the theories, methods and issues in gender studies by designing an independent research or creative project in consultation with a faculty member affiliated with the Gender Studies Program. This course is a requirement for students completing a gender studies major.
B. Course Effective Dates: 12/16/2009 - Present
C. Outline of Major Content Areas:
See Course Description for major content areas.
D. Learning Outcomes (General)
  1. Design, create, formulate and write substantial project of variable parameters and disciplinary and interdisciplinary foci emphasizing themes and topics within the field of Gender Studies.
E. Learning Outcomes (MN Transfer Curriculum)
This contains no goal areas.
G. Special Information