Metropolitan State University

ICS 698 : Research Seminar

A. Course Description
Credits: 2
Lab Hours/ Weeks: Corequisites: None
Lecture Hours/ Week :  
MnTC Goals: None
In this course, the student will perform the following activities: search the literature on specific areas, read papers in a selected area, study the methodologies used in the applied computer research, write and submit a survey paper based on the reading, and make an oral presentation of the results. It should be taken no later than the second semester.
B. Course Effective Dates: 05/01/2007 - Present
C. Outline of Major Content Areas:
See Course Description for major content areas.
D. Learning Outcomes (General)
  1. Know the current research problems in some of the major areas in computer science.
  2. Know how to search the literature for articles on a specific topic.
  3. Gain a perspective of research in Computer Science.
  4. Know the format of technical papers.
  5. Read and understand research articles.
  6. Understand the publication process in Computer Science.
  7. Write and present technical papers.
  8. Understand the process of starting, working on, writing, and defending an MS project/thesis.
E. Learning Outcomes (MN Transfer Curriculum)
This contains no goal areas.
G. Special Information
Prerequisites: Graduate standing. Note: Students are responsible to both be aware of and abide by prerequisites for ICS courses for which they enroll, and will be administratively dropped from a course if they have not met prerequisites.