Metropolitan State University

NURS 406 : Nursing Care of the Family

A. Course Description
Credits: 4
Prerequisites: NURS 361 Acute and Complex Care AND
NURS 362 Applied Pathophysiology for Nursing II AND
NURS 364 Nursing Leadership I OR equivalent.  
Lab Hours/ Weeks: Corequisites: None
Lecture Hours/ Week :  
MnTC Goals: None
This course focuses on holistic nursing care of families across the lifespan. Emphasis is on application of multiple theories relevant to families experiencing transitions. Relationships between genetics and genomics to family health are discussed. Students provide care to families utilizing evidence-based nursing practice.
B. Course Effective Dates: 05/10/2014 - Present
C. Outline of Major Content Areas:
See Course Description for major content areas.
D. Learning Outcomes (General)
  1. Apply knowledge, theories and conceptual models to holistic nursing of family as client.
  2. Analyze the effects of emotional, developmental, socioeconomic, cultural, spiritual, and environmental factors on the adaptive response of the family.
  3. Utilize clinical decision-making skills to provide holistic nursing care for a family facing a transition or a chronic health problem.
  4. Analyze family coping strategies and barriers to family stress management
  5. Explain the importance of unconditional acceptance regarding culturally, ethnically, and socio-economically diverse families.
  6. Recognize the relationship of genetics and genomics using a constructed pedigree to identify potential health risks for families.
E. Learning Outcomes (MN Transfer Curriculum)
This contains no goal areas.
G. Special Information
Prerequisite: Admitted to the MANE-BSN program; NURS 361 AND NURS 362 AND NURS 364 OR equivalent. Corequisites: NURS 416.