Metropolitan State has three hubs where our students can complete a degree: Normandale Community College, North Hennepin Community College and Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Other partner locations will work on pathways to the hubs or one of the Metropolitan State campuses.

Hub Programs {grid format]

North Hennepin
Community College Normandale
Community College Minneapolis Community
and Technical College
B.S. Business Administration B.S. Accounting B.A. Theater
MANE BSN B.S. Business Administration B.S. Business Administration
B.A. Psychology B.S. Computer Science B.S. Accounting
B.S. Economics MANE BSN B.S. Education
B.S. Human Services B.S. Dental Hygiene B.S. Human Services
B.S. Economics B.A. Individualized Studies B.S. Alcohol and Drug Counseling

MetroPlan: Intended for students who have not formally declared a major but want to make the most out of their credits, time and money while on their educational journey. Students follow a prescribed academic plan that will ensure the credits they earn will transfer to and complete the lower division requirements of their bachelor's degree. Students will start with a community college, receive their associate's degree and then transfer to Metropolitan State to finish their bachelor's degree. Students will select the MetroPlan at the time of application to the community college.

MetroConnect Advantage: Flexible, convenient and simple. Classes meet one evening a week at the community college. Continue on for your bachelor's degree after completing your associate's degree at your community college. You only need one application, apply to the community college and get accepted to Metropolitan State. With the MetroConnect Advantage, you can complete your bachelor's degree at your community college. Students transferring to Metropolitan State through the MetroConnect partnership plan may also be eligible for a scholarships.