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Indigenous Peoples Day: Decolonizing Columbus - Transatlantic perspectives on statues and anniversaries

  • Monday, October 12, 2020
    6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Landing of Columbus

Landing of Columbus (Photo credit: Architect of the Capitol)

Christopher Columbus disembarks from the Santa Maria on a plank, greeted by Native Americans in 1492. This is the first of four scenes of Spanish conquest. Brumidi's central figure seems to have been inspired by a statue of Columbus by Luigi Persico, which was then at the east central steps of the U.S. Capitol. 

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Panelists include:
- Gabriela Spears-Rico (Chicano and Latino Studies and American Indian Studies, University of Minnesota)
- Laura Ruberto (Berkeley City College)
- Joseph Sciorra (City University of New York)
- Alejandro Baer (Sociology, University of Minnesota)
- Katherine Gerbner (History, University of Minnesota)

Hosted via Zoom. Registration required. 

Sponsored by the University of Minnesota Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies


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