Natural Sciences Seminar: Cover it up! Using Plants to Control Buckthorn

  • Wednesday, October 24, 2018
    4:30 pm
  • Science Education Center
    664 East Sixth Street, Saint Paul

    Science Education Center

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Science Education Center

Metropolitan State University's STEM Student Association invites you to attend interesting science talks on a variety of topics in the fields of biology and chemistry. On Oct. 24, Peter Wragg of the Department of Forest Resources will lead a seminar entitled "Cover it up! Using Plants to Control Buckthorn."

The STEM Student Association is an "organization of interdisciplinary science, technology, engineering, and mathematics studies." Further, this student-run organization is "dedicated to the inspiration of lifelong learning, the pursuit of advanced knowledge, and the creation of a unified and service-driven scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) community at Metropolitan State University."

To learn more about this event, or the STEM Student Organization, check out their OrgSync page.


If you need disability related accommodations, including parking, to make this event accessible, please contact the Center for Accessibility Resources, 651-793-1549 or