Women Powering Women: Systems Change and Public Policy

  • Thursday, December 6, 2018
    4:30 pm
  • Library and Learning Center
    LIB 302
    645 East Seventh Street, Saint Paul

    Library and Learning Center

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Women Powering Women is a workshop series that centers the voices of women of color in the Twin Cities.

This month's topic: Systems Change and Public Policy. What is systems change? How does policymaking work, and how do the two go together? In this workshop, participants will join Pahoua Hoffman, executive director of Citizens League, and policy dictator Angelica Klebsch in a discussion on opportunities to effect change for communities through civic engagement. The conversation will include a case study of Saint Paul’s new minimum wage ordinance, for which Citizens League provided an in-depth report with recommendations from a 21-person study committee of Saint Paul stakeholders.

The Women Powering Women series strives to give voice to the experiences of being black or brown women in our communities and to highlight the important work women of color are doing in a variety of sectors in the Twin Cities. Women Powering Women welcomes all students, staff, faculty, and community members to attend. The event is free.

Sponsored by the university Women's and LGBTQ+ Resource Center. Contact WLGBTQ@metrostate.edu or call 651-793-1544 for questions or to register. 


If you need disability related accommodations, including parking, to make this event accessible, please contact the Center for Accessibility Resources, 651-793-1549 or accessibility.resources@metrostate.edu.