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Community Engagement Course Designation Request

**Please note - This form has a submission timer of 3 hours. If your submission will take longer than 3 hours to submit, the recommendation is to work on the request away from the form, then come back and copy and paste the fields in the form below.

This form is used for:

  • Requesting the Community Engagement designation for a course or course section.

The guiding principles for determining community engagement course designation:

  • Clear relation between the community engagement strategies/activities and the course learning objectives;
  • Description of community-engaged learning component in course syllabus;
  • Sufficient time on community engagement tasks to warrant designation;
  • Adequate preparation of students for community-engaged learning experiences;
  • Integrated reflection strategies to connect experiential activity with student learning outcomes;
  • Relevance to university priorities of reciprocal and mutually beneficial community partnerships, anti-racism, and social transformation;
  • Assessment of student learning that results from community engagement.

Submit the following items for the Community Engagement course designation request:

  1. Community Engagement Course Designation Request Form;
  2. Course Syllabus and/or a bibliography of current works that support the content and/or community-engaged strategies associated with the course (e.g., books, articles, journals, course readings, consulted works, etc.);
  3. Approved course outline.

Please note: Consultations are strongly encouraged but not required.

Consultations provide the solicitor with the opportunity to discuss with colleagues and external partners the community-engaged learning components of the course, the alignment with university and community priorities and objectives, and the standards for best practice in partnership development to support community-engaged academic teaching and learning experiences.