Community Engagement Course Designation Request

This form is used for:

  • Requesting the Community Engagement designation for a course or course section.

The guiding principles for determining community engagement course designation:

  • Clear relation between the community engagement strategies/activities and the course learning objectives;
  • Description of community-engaged learning component in course syllabus;
  • Sufficient time on community engagement tasks to warrant designation;
  • Adequate preparation of students for community-engaged learning experiences;
  • Integrated reflection strategies to connect experiential activity with student learning outcomes;
  • Relevance to university priorities of reciprocal and mutually beneficial community partnerships, anti-racism, and social transformation;
  • Assessment of student learning that results from community engagement.

Submit the following items for the Community Engagement course designation request:

  1. Community Engagement Course Designation Request Form;
  2. Course Syllabus and/or a bibliography of current works that support the content and/or community-engaged strategies associated with the course (e.g., books, articles, journals, course readings, consulted works, etc.);
  3. Approved course outline.

Please note: Consultations are strongly encouraged but not required.

Consultations provide the solicitor with the opportunity to discuss with colleagues and external partners the community-engaged learning components of the course, the alignment with university and community priorities and objectives, and the standards for best practice in partnership development to support community-engaged academic teaching and learning experiences.