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Spring 2022 Collaborative Grant

The Center for Faculty Development (CFD) seeks to partner with other Metro State departments, colleges, schools, faculty, and staff to further its mission, vision, and values (see below). We are accepting grant proposals to support this critical work.  

  • Is there an initiative you’ve sought to launch? 
  • Is there a speaker that you’ve longed to bring in?  
  • Is there a research cluster or study group that you’ve wanted to form?  
  • Is there a community partnership you’ve dreamed of strengthening? 
  • Is there an urgent question or pedagogical challenge in your field that grant funding could help address? 

The CFD will provide up to $1,000 for Metro projects that are clearly aligned with the CFD’s new mission, vision, and values. While we hope that many of these grants will support projects with an inter- or multi-disciplinary reach, we also welcome proposals for discipline- or college-specific projects.

Apply now.


  1. The project must be implemented prior to June 3, 2022.
  2. The project must be clearly defined and aligned with the CFD mission, vision, and values (MVV) 
  3. The funding may not be used (a) to pay Metro State employees, (b) for travel, (c) for food/lodging, or (d) for gift cards.
  4. If the number of requests exceeds available funds, the following criteria will be used for our selections: 
    1. The fullness of alignment between the grant request and the CFD MVV. 
    2. The breadth of potential impact on project stakeholders/participants. 
    3. Equity in grant support across the colleges/schools.
    4. First time recipients will be given priority.

Metro State Center for Faculty Development Mission, Vision, and Values

CFD Mission: The Center for Faculty Development (CFD) supports community and resident faculty in innovative teaching, scholarship, and service to promote transformational student learning in a diverse, antiracist, urban learning community.   
CFD Vision: The CFD will support a faculty culture of authenticcollaboration, anti-racist instruction & scholarship, and curricular innovation in support of sustained student engagement, educational justice, and social transformation.   

CFD Values: (alphabetical)  

Antiracist teaching and scholarship: To support all faculty in interrupting and overcoming structural and individual systems that perpetuate racist disparities in teaching, scholarship, and service.    

Authenticity: To be open and honest in all actions of the CFD, including communication, relationships, and practices.   

Community Engagement: to support scholarship, teaching, and service that engage with the knowledge and practices of metro-area communities and organizations, working to build authentic, collectively-beneficial partnerships.  

Educational Justice: To work to eliminate racial, gender, sexual, and all other socio-economic injustices that structure higher education, while valuing the voices and knowledge of those outside higher education.   

Experimentation: To support the success of all students, we emphasize reflective, iterative processes and the ongoing development of new methods and modes of course design, instruction, assessment, and scholarship, including risk taking, embracing both failure & success in order to reimagine the limits of effective education.   

Relationships and Collaboration: To bridge disciplinary divides and connect faculty across units and academic rank to build a collaborative, mutually supportive campus culture for the benefit of underserved, post-traditional students.   

We look forward to partnering with you! Questions?