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Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Advising Awards

Metropolitan State University appreciates and acknowledges the dedication and hard work of faculty and advisors to foster student success. The Excellence in Advising and Excellence in Teaching Awards is a means for students to nominate faculty and advisors to receive official recognition at the annual Fall Teaching Conference.

Is there an instructor or academic advisor who has had a positive impact on your academic journey at Metropolitan State? Someone who made an extraordinary difference to you? You can thank that advisor or instructor for making a difference by nominating him or her for these awards.

The Outstanding Student Award Committee of each academic unit will select a graduating bachelor’s degree student to be honored as the outstanding student graduate from that academic unit at each commencement ceremony. See form for information about nomination process.

Nomination forms

Based on student nominations, the outstanding teachers and advisors are chosen and recognized each year for their contributions. They receive their awards at the annual Fall Faculty Conference. Students can submit nominations for both awards throughout the year. Submit completed forms electronically to Faculty Development or mail to:

Center for Faculty Development
Metropolitan State University
700 East Seventh Street
Saint Paul, MN 55106

Questions? Email Faculty Development

    Advisors and faculty award winners 2016-2017

    Anne Aronson, professor in the College of Liberal Arts, received the 2016-2017 Outstanding Teacher Award, the highest teaching honor at Metropolitan State. Dr. Aronson received the 2004-2005 Excellence in Teaching Award. She has been a professor at Metropolitan State for over 24 years. She teaches courses in professional writing, information literacy, rhetorical theory, and gender and sport. In recent years, she has studied digital storytelling, created her own digital stories for both personal and professional contexts, and taught the art of digital storytelling to students and faculty.

    René Cedarburg, community faculty in the College of Management, received the 2016-2017 Excellence in Teaching Award. Cedarberg earned her undergraduate degree in history from the University of Virginia and a Masters of Education, with a focus on Human Resource Development and Adult Education from the University of Minnesota. Ms. Cedarburg has been a community faculty in the College of Management for eight years, with a focus on teaching classes in the Human Resources department. In addition to teaching, she is a Quality Matters Master and Program Reviewer and supports the university's Center for Online Learning by leading workshops and course reviews.

    Daniel Abebe, professor in the College of Individualized Studies, received the 2016-2017 Carol C. Ryan Excellence in Advising Award. Joined Metropolitan State in fall of 1989. Since then, he has taught courses in the College of Individualized Studies and the College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Abebe earned his Masters and PhD degrees in Adult Education from the University of Minnesota and holds a BA in Economics from Hamline University. In the last 28 years Abebe has been at Metropolitan State, he coordinated the Perspectives Center, served as the first Dean of Metropolitan State's First College (now, the College of Individualized Studies), founded and served as the first co-chair of the Ethnic Studies Department, served as acting dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, assumed a permanent dean position in First College where he served for 10 years and, while he was there, was appointed simultaneously as the acting dean of the College of Professional Studies for one year.

    Karin Jax, academic advisor in the College of Community Studies and Public Affairs, received the 2016-2017 Carol C. Ryan Excellence in Advising Award. Ms. Jax joined Metropolitan State in February 2011. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and a Master of Science degree in Community Health with an emphasis in Alcohol and Drug Counseling from Minnesota State University-Mankato.

    Judith Minning, academic advisor in the College of Individualized Studies, received the 2016-2017 Carol C. Ryan Excellence in Advising Award. For many years, Ms. Minning worked as a business development/human resource management consultant for a global technology corporation in Minnesota and in Maryland. Ms. Minning earned her BA and MA degrees from Concordia University-Saint Paul and completed graduate research in China and Taiwan. Ms. Minning has taught university/college courses and coached students in various outreach initiatives at 28 locations.

    Past recipients

    Excellence in Teaching award recipients

    • 2009-13  (No Award)
    • 2008-09  Joel Wilson
    • 2006-08  (No Award)
    • 2005-06  Thomas O’Connell
    • 2004-05  Brian Nerney
    • 2003-04  Suzanne M. Narayan
    • 2002-03  Janet Enke
    • 2000-02  (No Award)
    • 1999-00  Michael McTeague
    • 1998-99  Sally Steusloff Hart
    • 1997-98  Deb Bushway
    • 1996-97   (No Award)
    • 1995-96   Barb Jensen
    • 1994-95   Nancy Black
    • 1993-94   Ann Sweeney (tie), Nancy Potter (tie)
    • 1992-93   Lawrence Moe
    • 1991-92   Monte Bute
    • 1990-91   Mark Matthews (tie), Sharon Scapple (tie)
    • 1989-90   Lori Schroeder
    • 1988-89  Catherine Warrick
    • 1987-88  (No Award)
    • 1986-97  Larry Crockett
    • 1985-86  Angelo Louisa
    • 1983-84  Louis Hohlfeld
    • 1982-83  Jeanne Cornish Chet Meyers Ron Salzberger, Priscilla Schneider
    • 1981  Eugene Chartier Bev Ferguson James Malkowski
    • 1980  Mel Henderson Sim Varner
    • 1979  John Fagerson Milt Fronsoe Carol Holmberg Jonathan Neuse
    • 1978  G. Theodore Mitau Nicholas Oganovic Stewart Rosoff
    • 1977  Jan Fusaro Marilyn Muller
    • 1976  Bee Bleedorn Judy Delton John Knauff Neil Lapidus Tom Tahnk

      Metropolitan State Outstanding Advisor Award

      • 1999  Gail Peterson, Suzanne Narayan
      • 1998  Mike Brecci, David O'Hara, Ping Wang
      • 1997  Philip Bell, Gail Peterson, Maythee Jensen-Kantar
      • 1996  Jeanne Cornish, Dick Firtko
      • 1995  Jill Beaulieu-Wilkie, Milt Thomas
      • 1994  Jack McGowan, Mel Henderson
      • 1993  Jeanne Cornish, Dick Firtko
      • 1992  Carol Ryan
      • 1991  John Burton, Mel Henderson
      • 1990  Bonnie Luke
      • 1984  Joyce LeClaire
      • 1983  Carol Ryan, Miriam Meyers

      Carol C. Ryan Excellence in Advising Award

      • 2017  Daniel Abebe (Faculty Advisor), Judith Minning (Professional Advisor), Karin Jax (Professional Advisor)
      • 2016  Nancy Miller (Faculty Advisor), Birtukan Abebe (Professional Advisor)
      • 2015  Cindy Kaus (Faculty Advisor), Cynthia Olson (Professional Advisor), Stanley Hatcher (Professional Advisor)
      • 2014  Barbara Beltrand (Faculty Advisor), Kim Doebbert (Professional Advisor), Linda Martinez (International Admissions Advisor)
      • 2013  Carol Lacey (Faculty Advisor), Juan Rangel (Professional Advisor)
      • 2012  Allen Bellas (Faculty Advisor), Ping Wang (Professional Advisor)
      • 2011  Deb Mosby (Faculty Advisor), Linda Zimmerman (Professional Advisor)
      • 2010  Bev Hill (Faculty Advisor), Marcia Anderson (Professional Advisor)
      • 2009  Susan Hilal (Faculty Advisor), Siew Wong (Professional Advisor)
      • 2008  Megumi Yamasaki (Faculty Advisor), Princess Kent Zak (Professional Advisor)
      • 2007  Victoria Sadler (Faculty Advisor), Sandi Gerick (Professional Advisor)
      • 2006  Deborah Bushway (Faculty Advisor), Michael Wilson (Faculty Advisor), Kate Southwick (Professional Advisor)
      • 2005  Craig Hansen (Faculty Advisor), Donna Blacker (Professional Advisor)
      • 2004  Roger Israel (Faculty Advisor), Tonia Baxter (Professional Advisor)
      • 2003  Mary Kirk (Faculty Advisor), Phyllis Webster (Professional Advisor)
      • 2002  Alice Magnuson (Faculty Advisor), Michael Green (Faculty Advisor), Mary Schober Martin (Professional Advisor)
      • 2001  Brian Nerney (Faculty Advisor), Mike Stebleton (Professional Advisor)2000 Maythee Kantar (Faculty Advisor), Bonnie Thibault (Professional Advisor)

      Donna Blacker Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Advising

      (Prior to 2016, this award was called Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Advising)

      • 2015  Ping Wang
      • 2012  Donna Blacker
      • 2001  Kathy Wellington
      • 2000  Jill Beaulieu-Wilkie
      • 1998  Mel Henderson

      Emeriti faculty

      On April 14, 2007, the Center for Faculty Development unveiled a plaque in the entrance of Founder's Hall in recognition and honor of the faculty who have reached emeriti status.

      • 2016  Nancy Black, Kenneth Hess, Kathryn Kelley, Mary Kirk, and Jacqueline Richardson
      • 2015  Robert Gremore and William Payne
      • 2014  Michael Breci, Everett Doolittle, and Roger Prestwich
      • 2013  Tim Erickson, Alice Magnuson, Suzanne Narayan, Hameed Nezhad, Tom O'Connell, Susan Spring Shumer, Ellen Schultz, and Kathy Wellington
      • 2012  Grover Cleveland, Jeanne Cornish, Adela Peskorz, and Lorene Wedeking
      • 2011  John Burton and Marilyn Loen
      • 2010  Donald Bibeau, Deborah Bushway and Kenneth Zapp
      • 2009  Bob Fox, Dennis Daly, Sharon Rice Vaughan, Martha Sofio, and Ron Salzberger
      • 2008  Mary Brekke
      • 2007  Rosalyn Rubin
      • 2006  Mary Dressel and Mel Henderson
      • 2005  Marilyn Vigil
      • 2004  Chet Meyers
      • 2003  Mary Martin and Anne Webb
      • 2001  Beverly Ferguson, Miriam Meyers, and Fancher Wolfe
      • 2000  Colleen Coghlan and Carol Holmberg
      • 1999  Jeff Levy, Piers Lewis, and Carol Ryan