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Professional and student associations

The idea of a professional association or group is new to many of our students. The Career Center and Student Life are working together to change that. We would like to see a student organization closely aligned with its respective professional association so that there is a smooth transition for our students into their professional community. If you are interested in introducing students to your professional association or would like to add one to our database, please contact us.

This is good strategy, especially since student membership fees will be much reduced or even free. Once a student finds their professional organization or association of choice, they can volunteer to help organize a conference or meeting, join the board, or serve on a planning committee. This is a really hands-on way to gain recognition, demonstrate their dedication to the field, showcase their skills, and work closely with other involved members. Working on a task or project with new professional contacts will feel like a natural way to interact, and will give students and established professionals a chance to get to know each other in the process.